BMW E30 M3 Convertible update | Raj's Garage EP17

He’s shown you the coupe, now let’s check out Raj’s E30 M3 convertible which he picked up earlier this year.

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  1. Minor flaws aside, she’s still a beauty, the E30 has always been one of my dream cars, I adore them, and this looks soooooo good Raj, your a lucky guy.

  2. Dave the Trimmer will sort that hood out! Don't you dare sell it !!! You will regret it. The car is unrepeatable .

  3. The E30 M3 is one car I really like on air. This long lines on the arches just really suite being low down. Especially with the roof down.

  4. Whatta find! Nice car Raj πŸ‘Š
    Id agree on the Evo 2 front lip spoiler & correct badges
    Maybe source the correct radio antenna too with black grommet
    Idk if you like star design wheels, but maybe a set of staggered Tecnomagnesio 201B wheels in the same Nogaro silver shade
    Z3 short shifter if needed, maybe crosshair headlights
    And as usual, super clean like your other cars ✌️

  5. Love these too my uncle had a red m3 when I was a kid my mates loved it when he came around obviously I was the dogs to my pals I always remember going out in it and I told our mom we went over 100 not really understanding it's kpm in them as all was imports my mom going nuts at him for it lol went on to sell it and got a saph cossie4x4 that got robbed twice but Yeh looking forward to your finished car.πŸ‘

  6. the screen of the OBC is actually easy to source and easy to change. You can find tutorials on youtube. Congrats for this car, and yes: airlift is the right way for it.

  7. alot of people would live with those flaws, but your like me i cant!!! i resprayed my low km 190e 2.3 8v because of chips and discolouration!!

  8. Amazing E30 M3 cabrio πŸ‘πŸ» I’d definitely recommend airlift and wheels definitely cannot go wrong with BBS RS 3piece wheels. With the right offset and width you will have the looks sorted for sure πŸ‘πŸ»

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