We Make Over a Thousand Horsepower Testing Whipple's New 3-Liter Supercharger! (454 LS7 Build)

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Whipple just came out with their brand new 3.0-liter screw blower and Prestige Motorsports (https://www.prestigemoto.com) was one of the first engine builders to get their hands on one. They used it in an incredible 454 LS7 build that — with the help of the new Whipple — made well over 1,000 horsepower on pump gas!

Engine Builder — Prestige Motorsports — https://www.prestigemoto.com

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 – What’s Whipple’s New 3.0 Screw Blower?
1:16 – Racing Head Service Tall Deck LS Block
2:53 – K1 Stroker Crank, DSS Pistons & Eagle Rods
6:41 – Boosted Camshaft Specs
9:31 – Prestige Motorsports LS3 CNC Cylinder Heads
13:33 – Whipple 3.0 Liter Blower for LS Engines
15:41 – Motion Raceworks Billet LS Valve Covers
16:00 – Wegner Automotive Blower & Accessory Drive
20:58 – Dyno Testing


  1. That camshaft is extremely similar to what I am running in a 427. Mine is 243/259 with a 116 LSA but my lobes are both .367" and I use 1.75 Jesel rockers dictating .642/ .642 lift. I also have about the same boost 12-14 PSI but with an F1-A Procharger. Fun stuff!

  2. Who doesn’t love that Whipple sound? Imagine that thing driving by with all heads turning to see what the hell it is.
    How much boost was it making?

    Sure do love this channel. Great builds!

  3. Another awesome build. Out of all the pump gas motors I've seen on your channel this is the one I want. It will go great in my 1970 C-10 short bed, I hope by the end of next year I'll have enough money saved and I'll be able to call Prestige

  4. Those are all really good components. They should have a piece that will stay together for a long time. Funny that there is not one single factory component that remains. LOL

  5. Are the new generation of Whipple superchargers much less prone to getting to heat soaked and losing tons of power pull after pull? Also wouldn't a jack shift be better than having the shift run right through the intake? I just heard you mention how this one didn't have a jack shift like it was an improvement.

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