We went to the last race of the Street Outlaws NPK Series at our home track BMP. Had an awesome time with everyone down there and enjoyed seeing @Justin Swanstrom finish out a good season with his new @CJ Race Cars Lexus. Can’t wait till next year to have@Justin Swanstrom , @Monza 405 Motorsports and Clay Cole out there mixing it up.

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  1. Seen Dan the Man spring into action this weekend at NPK race …My son and I were at Larry Larson’s trailer when Justin Swanstrom appeared with a piece of small tubing with a bracket broken off … needed Larson’s welder Dan stepped in and took care or it …. DAN THE MAN. 👍😁

  2. Mad props to yall boys in flowrida!! Keep killing boiz!! Yall def have everyone on the sidelines.. And the ones that knkw what the future brings are there and waiting! Lets go guys and gals!! Im sure there is a woman involved somewere… Weather its billing bills or paperwork.. Or obviously the guys wifes and gfs putting up with the late hours work! Hope yall all go to the top!! CJRC IS DEF THERE ALLREADY!

  3. Man you guys hit it out the park!!! Justin has done a hell of a job racing that car!!!! CJRC chassis puttin in work!!! She might be beat and battered she still put up a helluva fight!!!💯💯💯

  4. Post flow is important but I'm in a hurry. I just ordered a Danny shirt and it's not here yet. If you guys can build a 3.70 Swanstrom Chassis, you can get my damn "Danny Shirt" here quick right? LMMFAO. I'm coming all the way to Orlando to get Danny to sign this damn thing. Get ready. Nice work fella's….

  5. Hey guys im a fan but question why did the body on prenup fair so badly in comparison with alot of other noprep car body's Prenup seem to be the worst for falling apart ? Was it because it was carbon fiber?

  6. Danny should definitely have to wear one of his shirts. I always get a laugh out of the blog Cameron. Awesome content your staff are great.👋👋👊✊😂🔥🤣🫀💪👍👏👏🤜🤛👊🤘🤟🤙🤞☝️

  7. Dan the man is a humble man 😀. Did baby doll teach Jesse everything. Keep the videos coming love the channel. Best crew in the business.

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