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  1. If they had seen him crosse clearly they would have made the call immediately from the tower, not based off what someone seen from the start line. The call should have been to stay with the win light. The track official that cam on the mic and overturned the win light is the real problem. This person is unfair and should never be allowed to make a call again.

  2. Track said he crossed. But from that video it’s so close whether he crossed or he didn’t they should have just ran the race over. That would have been the best call to make.

  3. I was at the starting line. Tony ain’t cross. IMO Jason x was showboating and got out the gas. He must’ve thought he was further ahead of tony than he was cause soon as he lifted that’s when Tony went by his ass. Then that’s when all this shit started about tony allegedly crossing.

  4. They cheated that man had his win not come it would’ve been a word said about I hate sore fukn losers he was ahead and got drove by even if he thought he crossed u let go of the throttle until the strip

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