"Stevie Fast" Gets Candid on Rules & Parity in NHRA Pro Mod | The Wes Buck Show

Two-time NHRA Pro Mod world champion “Stevie Fast” Jackson hasn’t missed a NHRA race since he started his Pro Mod career, so he’s clearly not going to let the rules deter him, but he has strong opinions on the status of one of drag racing’s most beloved eliminators in 2021.

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  1. You guys gotta remember we are in the middle of a pandemic atm called COVID-19 and it’s starting to hit hard again cause school is going back a lot of the big NHRA drivers are over 65yrs old there high risk they don’t wanna come to the track and interact with kids cause they love too sign autographs etc.. and possibly get COVID-19 and die

  2. Looks like if you can't win then you got the wrong combination. Stevie has raced about every king of combo. Why not race with something he can win with look at these guys with the huge rigs and big money cars. It sounds like whining to me but that is my opinion if I am wrong then I am wrong. It's hard for me to feel for these guys that went from racing out of their own pockets to getting huge sponsor money and then cry they can't afford this or that.

  3. Wes can you ask carpenter what year did Tommy Mauney build cars out of his dad's shop in Charlotte Tommy built me a top sportsman car I think it was the third car out of charles shop I think around 1989. Probably not to many remember Tommy working out of charles shop.

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