How Much Money Are the STARS of NO PREP KINGS Actually Making? | The Wes Buck Show

How much money are the stars of STREET OUTLAWS: No Prep Kings really making? #noprep #nhra #streetoutlaws #noprepkings


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  1. I doubt if anyone is going to actually tell the truth about how much money any of them make.
    One thing everyone should keep in mind is that it's a TV show, some people seem to forget that fact. At the end of the day, it's a TV show and the producers will always have the final say.

  2. According to Chuck the main characters that are original are making good money and pays for all his racing and life style. Has a 40+ foot Fountain boat he says he bought with T-shirt money lol.

  3. I think the over all Boost to racing has had an effect across the Sport in General. 80% of the credits have to go to Street Outlaws. I am seeing some of the younger crowds more often, even in Nostalgia racing. I also think the Door Slammer events are giving that side of the spectrums a Huge Boost. Funny Car Chaos has shown that people are still looking for the cars that are relatable to the hoopties like mine and the ones they came in. A door stop with stickers or dragsters don't pull as many to the seats but still draw. Radial Tire stuff has its following but even at those last few, I remember the advertising of several OG SO Guys being announced to attend. No matter what I say Bravo to all Involved and Good Luck going forward. Have Fun and Be Safe. Thank You for building the only sport I have ever Truly Loved!!!!! I'm sharing the sport a little at a time with Combat Veterans. The Racing Family is like no other and we always have room for more. even the Dysfunctional Ones like myself have FUN !!!!! The stands and pits alike are always filled with Smiles a hammer can't remove……… Go see for yourselves and Prove Me Wrong!!!

  4. We always support our favorite drivers . Generally my wife and I will pickup at least a shirt a piece , but usually a hoodie , Koosies , key chains etc … Being bracket racers and relatively intelligent human beings with a heart, we understand the out flow of cash and what it takes to run a program .

    We support the drivers and their teams as well as the track … Don't forget the Tracks people . No tracks , no Racing (well, "legal" racing anyways) . Personally, I'd rather spend my money at the Track than the movie theater and dinner , but don't tell my wife I just said that … lol

    Also , more and more racers are building YouTube Channels , "Like – Comment – Subscribe" , all three of these actions can help the Racers with revenue .

  5. if some of the larger personalities in the street outlaws tv shows AERENT making good money from the show then they arent very smart business people. No doubt discovery is making big money off it!

  6. Ya you can’t get an autograph without spending $29.99, NHRA/IHRA drivers like force sign autographs for free and at NHRA events the merch is sold on the spectators side it’s not sold in the pits you have to buy a pit pass to get into the pits at an NHRA event and they don’t sell merch at there trailers and make you buy something for a signature Force signed a rock off the ground for somebody’s kid that’s a real racer I have signed parts from all the big guys I have a signed piece of body panel from when the black an decker jet car wrecked at super chevy Sunday in 1988 I believe it was at Memphis motorsports park

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