"Stevie Fast" Jackson Dishes on NHRA Pro Mod Car Count & Rules | WBS Ep. 221

Living doorslammer legend “Stevie Fast” Jackson dishes on rule and parity concerns in NHRA Pro Mod drag racing, as well as the car count struggles the series has faced in 2021. #dragracing #nhra #steviefast #promod

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  1. Nhra lost me as a fan many years ago even tho I still follow many of the drivers. The events are not as fun as I recall them being back in the early 2000's when my parents first introduced me into the sport.

  2. I feel with the huge comming of the discovery Channel shows this is the time for pro mod. That is the top tier everyone is dreaming after, heck I've even got a co2 powered air shifter now so figure out a way to keep costs down and people comming

  3. NHRA is over regulated and over rated just sell it to Discovery Channel and watch the fans flock to the events and the popularity go through the roof it's to mainstream and nobody wants to hear a damn sponsor's name every 3rd word that comes out of your mouth and it's like watching 2 or 4 billboards race with tires lol

  4. Its a HUGE pity NHRA dont listen to the racers like Stevie .
    They know EXACTLY how it works and how much it COSTS more the point they have YEARS of experience and how to run the show
    Let the people who provide the show have some INPUT – Its just insane how they are KILLING the sport with bullshit 🤔🤑🦘

  5. NHRA management years ago traded their souls and their fire suits to become cash grabbing corporate shills and in doing so cut the throat of the goose that laid the golden egg. They have done it by instituting safety regulations for 1 in 1,000,000 occurrences because they are afraid it might hurt their self insurance rating. They have instituted these regulations not in the best interests of the racing community but to ensure they get a nice fat check from companies selling the equipment they require. No I don’t want unsafe race cars but I don’t want racing so hamstrung with stupid rules that racers cannot afford or don’t want to deal with the bull manure. NHRA pays the nitro category racers money when they qualify but absolutely craps all over the life blood of the sport aka the sportsman racers. They have destroyed ProMod with stupid parity rules that don’t offer any parity. First it was the turbo car racers and now ProCharger racers having an unfair advantages over blower and nitrous racers but when the truth be told a large majority of fans like the blower cars because of the blowers sticking up over the hood even if they aren’t as fast because they are more exciting to watch. NPK offers fans real people with real feelings with a variety of car bodies ProMod once did that but no more mostly because of the NHRA suits running the show and not real racers

  6. no prep pays alot more and alot are making the move I own a rossler th400 and have never leaked so get another excuse and if you want to run just do what it takes and stop crying no prep is here and pro mod is going out its called evolution keep up or get out

  7. 14 comments in 4 hours…NHRA killed itself years ago..I use to love the NHRA, 10 years ago I stopped following top fuel…Way to much finger pointing going on except shouldering NHRA…Pro stock today, how many build thier own engines…Last I knew there was 2 builders…is it expensive to race, it sure is…Are fans coming out like they use too? Nope, last time I bought a ticket it was $60 and it was not worth $60…

  8. Nhra is dead. Sad. Cause I grew up with it. But dude…Stop whining. Go try npk or get started in small tire no prep in general. What once was king is gone. Old school is back. Stop bitching. Seriously

  9. The issue with the NHRA is this: You have dumbass-egotistical guys in suit and ties WHO DONT RACE and are making rules for guys that DO RACE. Rule makers ARE NOT reaching in their pockets to race, nor or they the ones having to answer to sponsors.

  10. GREAT INTERVIEW! The NHRA HAS NEVER wanted Pro Mods to be a success, because the NHRA is so wrapped around Pro Stocks. Pro Mods were and remain the answer to bringing in new and bringing back the old fans. It's depressing to see the NHRA refuse to acknowledge Pro Mods and to work with making them one of the top 3 classes. It makes me feel that NASCAR is helping the NHRA to self-destruct!

  11. The NHRA is starting to lose a lot of fans like me. Fuel cars running to a thousand foot is bullshit. The sanctioning body says they don't know how to handle cars of that speed. If they would have just limited the fuel pumps they would have slowed the cars down enough to be safe

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