"Stevie Fast" Jackson Dishes on Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Drama| The Wes Buck Show

The one-and-only “Stevie Fast” Jackson opens up on all things STREET OUTLAWS: No Prep Kings and makes it clear that he’d love to know exactly how he goes about racing for $40,000 amongst the no prep world’s best and baddest. #noprep #nhra #streetoutlaws #noprepkings

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  1. He didn't help build the series so they don't want him seems simple. He has his other series that he can race in.Talking sour grapes isn't a good look.

  2. Stevie needs to race NPK….I need my 2 favorite forms of racing to come together. (NPK and Promod). I'm in Canada, but would find a way to come to watch live (covid border restrictions)

  3. I like stevie… but he will need to do lots of testing to compete. And they will only allow him same % of blower power…. soooo I dunno….. no prep has rules stevie wont follow……… soo

  4. I always thought that you can show up and race your way in so do that are do you think you should be put in the main show I thought you have to be in the top ten or twenty in points to be in main show and everyone else has to qualify to get in like Alex Laughlin did so pretty shore if you call show and ask they would say the same thing so even if you're Stevie fast Jackson you still have to qualify for main show

  5. Lol he’s so confident he’s going to win but he hasn’t even race a no prep race at all yet just because you win NHRA events and Radials events doesn’t mean you are going to win a no prep race

  6. Sorry Stevie you are full of manure build a steel roof and quarters car and enter outlaw big tire and win and be your loudmouth self and do it again and when invited to run in the invitational ace commit to the season and I have no doubt you would be on the show but NPK is looking for commitment and regardless of what you just said you don’t want to enter the same door as everyone else because your Stevie Fast Jackson
    PS Admit it your a bit butt hurt because Swanstrom singled you out and poked fun of you and Radial racing in his video which truthfully was pretty funny

  7. NPK is a tough competitive series, but unlike Mr Jackson they do get along like a family and help each other out. He's not the only big monied racer trying to get in, and that would spoil it. Right now its affordable for a bunch of street guys who want to race somewhere safer than the streets for them and their fans, let the big bucks, crush everyone attitude in and it will go down hill and fans will leave.

  8. your not gonna get invited when your literally just going for the money that's everything npk is against
    Npk is about the love of racing not the pocketbook

  9. Prime example of money running the game ya no shit we all love money but I love racing I love cars ya with an endless budget and board room proposals wtf is that of course money makes ya fast how fast you wanna go well how much money you got?? To me it's the guys busting ass daily to do this so let's say we take Shawn Ellington give him a fucking board room w guys w deep pockets sayin ok well give you endless cash to beat everyone in time he would be the Pinnacle no one wants to see big money take over npk yes as an organization it's money but the basis starts w hard working mofos doing the damn thing I been a Stevie Jackson fan for years but the slick huge sponsorships board room bullshit keep it in radial or that nhra shit we'll keep being slow and entertaining that's just me tho says he don't like the tv aspect well don't fucking do it then but oh you will cuz of money right ? Well I'd love to see him build a car and give it hell fuck do it right the premise is street racing so hit the streets earn your stripes on the street and all you nut huggers gonna say earn his stripes!!? He's dominat blah blah fucking blah ya radial racing track shit put it on a street try out murder nova or shit even jj and that show I'd watch that but seeing big money roll up wanting in on the action it was just a matter if time just funny your talking shit but you want a part of it kinda like banging your cousin after making fun of cousin fuckers well guess we know where you stand $$$$ rules everything

  10. I'm 40 years old and been into cars since a baby . I am waiting for a 3500 hp car backed with a 5 speed , I want wheeel stands and gear banging ! Let's go ! Gasser 101

  11. The truth is that “Stevie SLOW” is scared of the big dogs.. I mean even the golden kong, Justin are getting put on the trailer early in events… he just doesn’t want to look bad 😂

  12. Just a couple of things. IMO only.
    1. NPK is not ready for a Jackson, Shuler, Stocklin and jack type of team + the rest of the supporting crew to roll into NPK.
    2. If Stevie does it then it will be a max effort type of deal
    3. It will be a combo that the rule package favors. Except Turbos. No need to explain.
    4. The shit talking on TV would make the editing guys career very short hitting the bleep button.
    But I don’t think happens. This or year next he wins a 3rd Promod Championship and then looks for a fuel ride. TF or FC.

  13. I don’t know if I believe that they won’t allow him to run. You have any idea how many asses that would put in the stands!? Especially from grudge racers and people who’ve followed all the trash talking all these years. I think they may prolong allowing him in. Maybe to hype up the shit talking and feud beforehand. But I don’t believe that they flat out won’t let him race

  14. No prep was not created for idiots like Stevie. People with deep pockets that simply buy wins because they have more money and sponsors. It is about street racers that have a safe place to race. Piss on Mr. Fast.

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