AHRA Drag Racing History Channel: Evolution of Funny Cars with Steve Magnante Part 1

On this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday edition of AHRA Drag Racing History Channel; Tony and I sit down with Steve “Mags” Magnante…Yes! That Steve and get taken to Funny Car Church by the Reverend! Our original recording was WAY, WAY over our intentioned time limit, so instead of cutting it down…we broke it into 2 parts! We hope you enjoy this Match Bash discussion of the evolution of Funny Cars!
Part 2 will be out soon!


  1. 1966 NHRA Winternationals had Ronnie Sox's Hilborn injected "Baccuruda" in C fuel dragster class vs. The Melrose Missle. Great Plymouth film showing off the '66 Belvedere Street Hemi.

  2. Tony – please listen to this video…Steve's audio, and then yours…notice anything? please invest the $50 and get a wireless mic to sound professional

  3. Dallas you looking for a 1969 455 OLDS its a big 2 door car. The guy died and his wife whants to sell the whole car. She was asking 900. Prbably take 500 or 600. Its been sitting for ever but it did run. Its a mile from me.

  4. The early Chrysler was a simple engine and amazingly strong for a production passenger car design. It was also the engine that most modern performance parts were first developed on . Many 60's and 70's funnies were powered by 354's and 392's.

  5. Great stuff! I've got all the respect in the world for all three of you, well, maybe a little bit less for Tony, lol, but you definitely left out a very important piece of this puzzle. Dick Landy's 64 Dodge, probably the first altered wheelbase drag car which I believe was on the track in spring of 64, thoughts?

  6. I'm left speechless. I thought I knew a bit about AHRA/NHRA history, but you guys put on a show tonight. Please have Steve back soon, his knowledge and recall is beyond reproach.

  7. straight to the point thiswas the first ever Melrose missile funny car thiswas owned by Cecil Yother thiswas the funny cart he first raced when these Chryslers was first built as funny cars as thiswas the AWB Chryslers these was the first ever true funny cars evoled afther these was the case that raced back them this was the car that started it all for the funny cars thiswas the Melrose missile car owned by Cecil Yother he was the first of these AWB chryslers tobe raced at the 65 winters as far i knew thiswas the case in those days the funny cars are not like the ones raced today as the flip top funny cars was a later versions of the early cars all the later cars had the flip top bodies tubic frames and these was gotten faster thiswas the case in my view as i read up on funny cars as they evoled over time to where the funny cars are as they was in the old days todays funny cars ar really gotten way too fast these days as we needed to slow the cars down by banning the dual mags and dual plug heads and go back to having a single mags and single plug heads and 21GPM injection pumps or smaller than that to get the cars slowed down and 2spd trans as well too and older styl versions of todays funny car bodies restricted nitro percentages and rev limits say at 8500rpm or lower and as well too the injector hats willbe mandated as the standard Enderle bug catcher hats willbe the only injection hats willbe allowed in my future funny car in future thiswas my views on funny crs in my views on drag racing early years now

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