STAGING DUEL TURNS INTO DOUBLE DQ?!?!?!! The Wes Buck Show – 8.18.2021

Wes Buck and Mike Carpenter break down the EPIC staging duel that took place at the NHRA national event in Topeka, Kansas, between Pro Stock drivers Bruno Massell and Mason McGaha and react to the controversial decision to disqualify both drivers after their three-and-a-half-plus minute staging duel.


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  1. As a life long racing fan, I love a good staging duel, but as a drag racing offical, the rules are clear, they ignored the starters directive, so they were DQ'd. But, I think it that situation, where the racers want to do that, the starter should have the right to overide the Autostart, so when they finally sort their sh*t out & go in, they go when he decides.

  2. It’s not actually that rare I’ve seen it a lot in my over 30+ years of drag racing, dude it’s a safety issue once you go past three minutes of waiting fluids could leak and cause a wreck, my dad was a starting line official when he was t racing and he’s DQ’d ppl for not staging when your told to stage by the official you stage or you get thrown out, yes the rule is black and white you have three minute from burnout to launch, then if your brake you get 3 more mins to fix your car you guys are idiots some of these guys run waterless motors you can do a staging duel ( A Burn Down ) after three mins the motor can hydro lock if say you running a methanol waterless motor then your screwed that motor is shot that’s why there’s a 3 min time limit and they actually got almost a whole extra min, here’s an interview with the starting line official that DQ’d both drivers listen to his explanation basically same as mine but not as detailed

  3. I think nhra is sanitizing the sport too much. I'm against multi car teams. Unless it's different classes. Like a team with a funny car and a dragster would be ok. I really think every car should be individual. They hardly do burnouts anymore. Glue all the way to the finish line. Everything is computerized. I think instead of kicking them out, the starter should have played along and added some excitement. NHRA is too corporate controlled.

  4. The only reason they did that for those two was it was a final for P1 and P2 if it were first round they woulda been DQ’d as well, and the three min rule has always existed, you got your loser, they both lost, if they woulda shut them down at 1:30 they mighta set there for ten mins+ before they make up there minds, holding up the rest of the racers, you gotta follow the rules there’s always been the three min rule you guys that have never raced NHRA are idiots I raced NHRA for 30+ years and was a starting line official

  5. After several warnings to stage and ignored the starter, self inflicted DQ, Lick your wounds and stop crying about it 😢 almost 4 minutes, enough is enough. Its not like they weren't warned.

  6. I back the starter on this, the rule clearly states the starter has control once your in the lanes. Drivers thought they were bigger then the officials. The double dq showed the drivers that officials will be respected points are important sponsors don't pay for dq's Next time the official says stage then your going to see the speed stage knowing you now have 7seconds before the light goes green.

  7. The Starter has the final say…heat, leaks and risk are at play here for safety. Mason and Bruno got a good lesson in extremes. No new mandates necessary.

  8. If the NHRA wasn't holding tracks hostage with unobtainable insurance in exchange for their dictatorship. It would have been bankrupt a decade ago.

  9. At the outset of this, I completely sided with the starter’s call. I kind of view a dual as a useless pissing contest. However, you guys made a great point; it’s part of the show and is a tactic. Perhaps give the dual a time limit of 2 minutes like you’ve mentioned. Back em up and try again. If the drivers do it again, DQ them.

  10. A staging duel is neat, like who will back down first, but the hotter those engines get the higher the probability of failure and oil dumps at the starting line and that cause not only delays but safety risks.

  11. Would have been entertaining to see them run out of fuel .
    In hindsight I feel.ljke the starter should have pulled the crew cheifs over and issue a dq warning over the in car coms after the first hand signal warnings . So both drivers know you've got 30 seconds to stage before dq

  12. Wes you were robbed by the drivers who wouldn’t staged. The right thing happens they both got dq

    If one made the move in the other would have been on the clock….
    They both decided to not go in. So they both got to go home..

    We are in 2021. You either came to race and put on a show or you shouldn’t show up.

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