Justin Swanstrom: No Prep Kings is the Biggest Platform in Drag Racing | The Wes Buck Show

Wes talks with STREET OUTLAWS: No Prep Kings star and longtime small tire drag racer Justin “Lil’ Country” Swanstrom about his rise to prominence on the No Prep scene, the inner workings of the show, the future of radial tire racing, his thoughts on NHRA drag racing and much, much more.

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  1. Street Oulaws was popular because it was somewhat attainable for many. Then I presume Discovery pushed the envelope so the show would retain the prescribed excitement level. It was good that Chief and the guys backed it off from Pro Stock (kind of). Then Discovery made the series follow the winner, New Orleans, who didn't even really have a team – that was fun watching the impromptu effort. Then it went to No Prep, able to draw (paying) crowds and be less irresponsible at tracks. It must be doing well because of traditional spinoff shows. The cars are out reach for most, and that is what makes JJ's low-end shows relatable (and the only applicable place for chase is the race). NHRA? still the big-time.

  2. When this kid talks about an NHRA crowed he’s talking about points race no one goes to points races ( one of the reasons is the points races are broadcast on live TV so why do you need to go now the nationals there packed to the gills with fans and NHRA fans are just as loyal to there drivers as any other organization and the thing this kid doesn’t like about the NHRA is all there safety rules when it comes to building your car because they are very strict and if your outside parameters they tear your car apart and you get parts back not a car your motor will be in a box disassembled I’ve seen them do it before to questionable cars that might be cheating etc… ) now the nationals the crowds are bigger than NPK, this kid has one 1 race and usually goes out first round, monster isn’t gonna sponsor a driver like him never gonna happen there gonna sponsor an outlaw racer no company is, they’ll sponsor an NHRA car no problem but they don’t wanna be associated with these outlaw bastards, this kid is F$&@ing stupid and a drunk as well dude, what racer needs to take cases of beer and bottles of hard liquor to the track with him does why cause they start drinking at 10pm no matter where they are even if it’s at the track

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