Is it the end????

I have to come clean guys and tell the truth…


  1. Damn man, sorry to hear that. Maybe she has some issues that she is dealing with and need to talk to a psychologist or some counseling. Hope everything works out for you.

  2. James I’m very sorry to hear this but you have to take care of you and that little man , don’t dare worry about anyone thinking you have lied or anything else you did what you felt was right and that’s all that matters, I wish y’all the best in the world and if it’s ment to be it will be , much love and respect from Mississippi my brother

  3. Man I get it. I went through 10 years of it myself. It will always hurt just a little less over time. And I had all the same reason for it. If you need to talk hit me up on fb off the page. As another human being I g err t it

  4. Hey dude thanks for being real. Things don't always work out the way you plan. Keep your head up, take care of your son and appreciate every day the Good Lord blesses you with. God bless you and stay strong brother.

  5. Everybody saying hang in there just move on I promise you when you think you found the love of your life there’s always someone else waiting you need a ride or die not just a rider !

  6. James, You shared so I’ll share.
    I don’t want to pile on when you’re at a vulnerable place in your life but what struck me and your story was how are you allowed it’s relationship between Stacy and your son disintegrate.

    You’re the man and head of your household.
    Example: when you said your son said that essentially you had to choose between him or Stacy in who’s sleeping in the bed you didn’t stand up for Stacy.

    For strong marriages nothing should come between you and Stacy. Business, race cars, and yes even your kids.
    Don’t get me wrong I would take a bullet for my kid but as head of my household my wife always knows that I have her back and my kids know that and in return they know that we will always be there for them

  7. Praying for you guys you Stacey Brantley God will bring you guys to this sorry to hear this don't feel you lie to us cuz your life and your business is not ours so you did not lie your help a guy keep your chin up got to bring you through this

  8. Bro don't feel like you lied to us. One thing that you need to remember is not everything is any of our business I know you want to be open but your true fans will not fault you if you don't tell us something there are the haters that will bash or bitch about I it anything and everything but they can fk off we are behind you all the way and I'm sure everyone will agree. She needs help with whatever is bothering her so much and until she admits it nothing will change I can't wait to see you guys out there and I hope Brantley is all good. We are behind you with however you decide to do brother

  9. You stay with anyone long enough you'll end up hating each other . Just the way life is .. kinda like toilet paper you're either on a roll or taking shit off some asshole .

  10. One more thing buddy you weren't lying to anybody. You're just keeping your personal life to yourself that's all. We all put up a smokescreen to hide what's really going on in our lives sometimes. It's all good 👍

  11. Sir, one man to another man, you don't owe anyone any explanation about your relationship with your wife. You didn't lie to us about anything. There isn't a man alive that loves a woman who hasn't had some issue to deal with with her. And if any man that loves a woman hasn't had at least one thought about leaving her to avoid all the nonsense that comes with dealing with a relationship, he wasn't really in love. It's almost like a test. It's always when you're on your purpose, she wants your attention but loves the results of you being on your purpose. It's just something you're going to have to work through. But you are too good to not get through it. You got this man

  12. Sorry it didn't work out. Props to both you and Stacey for trying to make the family whole. It takes a lot of patience and self reflection to try and make situations like y'all's work. Unfortunately it doesn't always pan out in the end. Y'all tried that's all that matters.

    20 ff— yrs we like each other but as a couple hmmmmmm yer we live together separate beds cos i snore f—— it but what do u do iv done the hole kids 2 separate girls 4 kids 30yr of looking after it all i wanna do my things is that selfish im 53 i wanna do something for me so looks like were in the same boat pack ya car up lets do a road trip in Australia ?????lol ME TOO
    HANG IN THERE JAMES we got ya back

  14. James, FIRST YOU NEVER LIED! Your personal life is Your Life, No One Else's!
    You and Stacy will be in my prayers Brantley as well. What you do in your life is what it normally takes three or four people to do in one life. I do like when you said if you were forced to choose it would be Brantley. I want made a mistake of saying I was done with my marriage. And now 13 years later I still wish I would have never left. I know you have a long road and a lot of decisions to make. And you will be heavy on my heart and in my prayers. But whatever comes of it promise me this keep your head clear when you go to that starting line cuz the last thing I want to see is your head messed up when you get to that line. Cuz I could care less about the red reaper car if it meant you and your family being safe!! I will always be a fan no matter what whether you race or you don't because like I've always said you are not fake you always been real. And again you never lied.!!!!! Because your personal life had nothing to do with your race life and it was no one's business but Yours, Stacy's and Brantley's!!!
    May God bless each and every one of you!! #GODBLESSREAPERFAMILY

  15. Listen James! I’m not stating that I’m a marriage counselor or a relationship expert but. I can tell you that I see some big red flags just from your own admission. You created the whole jealousy issue. You told her to never make her choose between her and that kid because she would loose? You and her are supposed to be each other’s first priority! But by you telling her that, you told her she is never going to be first in your life! So you have her, the boy, and drag racing. That is the pecking order in a true loving relationship.and you by your own words put her last so you will never have her 💯! Of course he told her to go to another bed because you created that pecking order! You also stated that when she needed help you would hire someone to help? So why didn’t you step in and help her? Because by your own words you would rather be in the shop avoiding the whole situation you caused! Of course they are in the house fighting they are in competition for first place and you leave them to fight amongst each other because you don’t want to or can’t handle to hear it so you go in the shop to avoid a situation you have created. You have to be a husband then a father and then a provider rather that be a race car driver or builder or both but that order can never be misconstrued. If your hiring people to fill in then your to busy doing you and I don’t blame her for not giving 100 percent. Why should she. She is not your first and she has been told that she isn’t good enough to be your first but the boy and drag racing is your first then you need to let her go so she can be with someone that will be her first priority and you can be with the boy and y’all can go racing like you said. Or you can admit you where wrong and change your priorities and truly fix your situation but if you truly care about her you will do one of those two things. Because she doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s last priority and if it was reversed and it was her on here I would be saying this same thing. I hope you choose to be her first because those are the vowels you promised and if you do this 💯 I promise she will completely 180 and you both will be happy but you both have to want it for it to work! If you don’t want it then please don’t string it out just be done and you both move on!

  16. You still got the two guys you hired to help out with the Automotive side of everything? Or you just going to do it yourself again?

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