Eric Bain HUGE CRASH Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Cordova Season 4

HUGE Eric Bain crash at Cordova. Driver walked out on his own, but has a broken foot and toes. The chassis was new as of this year.


  1. He stayed in the gas way to long… It's better to lift and lose. Then try to Man handle it and destroy the car…. Gotta be tough if you gonna be crazy… I'm glad he's okay 💯👍

  2. The street outlaws are full of it,real street racers dont drive around with 3500 hp cars ,cars like that would over heat in a matter of minuets,lets put street racing straight , also who do you know that can afford 10,000 dollars a race ,be real ,lets say you pull up to a red light and a car whats to race you ,is he gonna have 1,000 to race ,im a street racer and im 65 ive been blowing doors off since high school ,i race for money and i race for free cause i love the challenge ,its not the money ,most street racers are poor ,because they put all there extra cash in speed equipment ,thats what real street racing is all about ,ducking the cops and the thrill of it. All.

  3. Can’t none of theses fuckers drive or tune… from what I seen Birdman trying to do at Fayetteville I could of smoked his ass with my 6 second 2019 5.0 …

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