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  1. 4Patriot makes a Solar charger that will charge two at once and would give you a great system in a small package, Use it in daylight hours and it will save you lots of charge for the night runs.

  2. I saw all the people talking about axman in the live feed, it amazes me that people didn't pay attention to everytime he beat someone and how many weeks he was at the top, the only one that beat him during the whole thing was kye.. he didn't do anything that kye and others didn't do, hell he didn't do like Ryan Martin running from Scott Taylor and Jerry bird.

  3. It seems some of these cars are extremely out dated. Why do they allow them to compete? They are not competitive? Do they get paid to just so up? How can they run the circuit with no chance of winning? It cost money to stay on the road

  4. I know everyone wants Ryan Martin but that was so unfair to Scott can we please get honest people to run the lights that will get someone KILLED IF NOT HURT LETS BE FAIR

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