AHRA Drag Racing History: The Slingshot Dragster

Tony DeFeo and I dive into the history, development and evolution of the racing platform everyone thinks of first when discussing Drag Racing, The Slingshot! We jump around a bit in its development and timeline, but I think we delivered the goods!


  1. Lol. It never, ever crossed my mind that it was feministic. Until you guys pointed it out.
    If that was truly the case, ill take the four engine, awd version nailheads!!!!

  2. I love the history of drag racing just as much as actually going down the track!

    You guys should do a video on how the full time racers, no matter which sanctioning body they "officially" ran with, really made ends meet by match racing before the big time sponsorships took over.

    Also, maybe one about the cool nicknames of both the cars and the drivers. Big Daddy and his Swamp Rats, The Snake, The Mongoose, TV Tommy, Jungle Jim (who died too soon!) and Jungle Pam (who's still a hottie!), Roland Leong(?) and his Hawaiian Punch…

  3. Really love what you guys got going with this channel the stories are great on their own but get in the habit of editing in as much footage or pictures of whatever your talking about into the video for the people who dont have that mental picture already im their head

  4. I've been trying to find the AHRA website and with no luck what is the website address for the organization please and btw I drove front engine 392 powered top gas cars and injected A/FD front engine cars from 1967 through 1971 and my final goal in life is to build and race another front engine car in the nostalgia classes and brackets

  5. Glad to hear those old stories of the 60's and 70's! I started racing in 1970. I went to my first track day in 1968 and was hooked! Won a trophy the first 2 times I raced! I thought this was going to be easy!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. MANY cars of the '60s used "feminine" styling, known as the "Coke bottle" shape, because Coca-Cola knew what they were doing when they designed their bottles. πŸ˜‰ The most obvious are the Corvettes from '68 to '82. From the top, they look like a woman laying on her back, from the side they look like a woman laying on her side. The long nose, short deck and upswept rear fenders that nearly all midsize and sport compacts had, all came from designers making their cars look like women. Look at any C3 Corvette, from the top, with the front end down. The rear deck is the shoulders, the rear fenders are the parts all men notice first, the narrow waist of the doors, the front fenders flare back out to make the hips and the nose is even shaped like a V. Make it look like a woman, every man will want one and they won't even know why!

  7. Agreed, if you's can, do something about the sound and lighting. I could give a shit I love the info but I know you guys want to look professional.

  8. tyler hilton’s great expectations 3 is very similar to the 60s era nostalgia top fuel cars but he still sits a little bit higher above the engine

  9. Great vid just want to say I don't agree with the later 60s cars being better looking the Greer Black Prudhomme car was built in 62 & is classed as one of the nicest rails built

  10. That first shot is a Chassis Research frame by Scotty Fenn. It was the first frame to go 200mph according to their catalogs. There is one in the Garlets museum. I have one here in West Texas that was run by Vance Hunt. That was called a "skid bar"roll cage. They were made with 1060 tubing and I have an engineering report that conforms the "safety" of the material choice and ect. Tony, I would send You a copy if you would like.

  11. Two fallacies in this for me. 1.) I never saw an FED/Slingshot that I thought was beautiful. Or, really, any type of dragster. A dragster looks like a mashup of tinker toys when compared to the '53/"54 Studebaker coupe, XKE, GT40, '63 split window Vette, '69 Boss 429 and others. 2.) I never, NEVER saw any kind of correlation between the design/looks of a dragster and the design/looks/appeal of the most beatiful shape ever created for the appreciation of man…a woman. That smacks of the kind of #&!% non car guys spout about a powerful car or speed equating to sex. Both are magnificient, wonderful, etcetera, if things go well, but they are nothing like one another.
    I appreciate you fellows going over the stuff I grew up absorbed in. No 'dis" about keeping history alive in this current revisionist era. But when Tony says there is no one that didn't think dragsters were beautiful, and dragsters resemble the nonpareil beauty of a well-proportioned woman, I seriously worry about his mental and even emotional state. When you make these sweeping generalizations that include "everybody" or "nobody", could you make a little addendum? Something like "Everybody loves…with one exception…" or, "Nobody…with one exception…" I don't care who or what you are, you can't lump me in with everyone or nobody. Especially about the one type of thing that gave me reasons to live and dream, that is, besides human females.

  12. Knew a guy who moved to the branson area with his family that was in to all kinds of American racing vehicles . he owned a 1940s willys couple with i think a hemi . and would brag about taking it to the strip to see what he could break on it . he also owned a small time top fuel dragster that was yellow he named scatterpiller . his name was Danny Fisk .

  13. Acoustics in this room are HORRIBLE! Put a little thought into improving it… Will help people to listen/understand and enjoy. THE HOARDER KNOWS!

  14. You can use different motor plates to change the angle of the engine to change pinion angle. This helps for getting cars down different tracks

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