NASCAR legend Tony Stewart speaks candidly during Drag Illustrated’s The Wes Buck Show as to why he hasn’t secured his NHRA Top Fuel license despite making the runs necessary to do so. #nascar #tonystewart #thewesbuckshow


  1. Three full minutes of tap dancing and shadow boxing without answering a simple question. But I think I have figured it out: He did not qualify, so he is saying that everybody who has a top fuel license is a dick. Simple sour grapes, eagerly slurped up by knuckle-dragging NASCAR fans. What a "sport."

  2. Man he would be a great addition to NHRA. I still remember when John Andretti drove a TF, I'd love to have Tony Stewart run the circuit.

  3. Spoken like the true racer tony is.I'm sure. He wouldn't respect a spoiled rich kid to just jump in a Indy car or stock car, not to mention the danger that inexperience would bring to everyone.

  4. Gotta respect Tony even if you don’t like him. However, I personally respect and like the man and feel that he would be a big asset to NHRA drag racing. Hope he will consider racing at some level, perhaps Pro Mod? Would love to see him and Stevie Fast tangle. Would be a fan favorite in what is arguably the most popular class of drag racing. Go Smoke!

  5. Tony has been good for racing and it is unfortunate the one mistake he made was a big one and cost another driver his life, sadly he never admitted it was his mistake.

  6. I was hoping it was a deep hatred of the organization. Not sure what he was trying to get at. Borrowing equipment is common getting licensed. I guess in his world that's disrespectful.

  7. All the big top fuel drivers started out as bracket racers and had to work there way into it they just did’t buy a car and get a license they had to work hard for sponsors etc…. you gotta start at the bottom and work your way up

  8. I have been in the same position but with a different subject. In General Motors I worked as a field service engineer, but never held an engineering degree. So in respect for those that did I wouldn't accept the title of Field Service Engineer, instead just my name and the phrase Field Services. SO I have enormous respect for Tony's decision. A hundred "Attaboys" Tony.

  9. What a bunch of hogwash. The only thing Tony respected out of this whole thing was his laundry soap getting the brown stains out of your pants. Tony's whole career has been based on him being an over-opinionated, self-absorbed, disrespectful, jackass every time he opened his mouth.

  10. Remember folks , Tony is no youngster, That top fueler makes Huge G forces . Kudos to smoke, No need to prove anything. Just like AJ. American Racers.

  11. I kinda had a feeling this is what he was up to.
    He said he didn't have any plans past just making a full pass.
    Gotta a whole lotta respect for Tony
    Ya can't change a wheelman
    Just gotta let him try it out

  12. I dont see a problem with Tony getting a license hes 100% earned a license hes proven him self he went through the ranks of racing it might not have been in a drag car but hes proven his worth I started in junior dragsters I've worked my way up now I'm in a NPK car just like hes worked is way up from gokarts to Nascar I dont have a problem with it at all.

  13. man it would be so cool to see Tony in a drag car just think of all the promoter's and invested that would bend over backwards stop have there name on a car DRIVEN by Mr Tony Stewart I bet there people out there that would build a car and have him in it this afternoon ,our better yet Tony start own team ,

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