Lizzy Musi Debuts her Newly Built Camaro for the No Prep King Races!

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  1. Always liked Lizzy. Even when she loses she stays classy. I am sure Street Outlaws America was a disappointment for her. She knew damned well that she belongs at the top of the pack. She will be there next time.

  2. Forgive a dumb question but why do they have Nitrous spew out on the line? Why does the shifter move by itself? Sorry, the last time I was at a drag strip Garlits was doing 9 seconds.

  3. Must just be the video. The 950 cid engine sounds alot more deeper of a tone than I've heard. This engine sounds more like how a 1500 cid engine might sound like if they made one.

  4. We need someone to go all out LS Maxed out 520+ Cid Twin Turbo Inter Cooled Nitro Methane Engine Long Wheel Base Break Some Records!!! And let Top Fuel Run Faster and cheaper Twin Turbo Inter Cooled Nitromethane Engines. Stop with the rules you are slowing the sport down!!! Don't get me wrong the screw blower is great but it's long over due to go faster, cheaper and last longer. Blowers are violent on stuff turbos are not bad. No commercial vehicles are belt driven blowers they are all turbo exhaust propelled.

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