Murder Nova Looking Like a Number One Contender!!

In this video we have the Murder Nova which is a twin turbo version of his og car. Almost an identical car to the og which he races on the street the murder nova entered the big tire class at the South Georgia Motorplex event. Murder Nova looked even stronger than ever going fast and straight. Murder Nova took on some fast competition in the event. But, the murder nova didnt disappoint as he was looking consisently fast in every pass. Most of the field had trouble with the surface after several rain delays and oil downs. But, the murder nova channeled in his inner street to get past those obstacles. Check out the video to see how well the murder nova did. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. funny that small block is same ci as big chiefs it was built when they were tight and chief was winning all the time

  2. @2:00 we see Richard (Shawn's Dad) running alongside the car like a kid. The 'ol feller's gotta be in his late 50's early 60's and he running like a 30 year old. Dude's in damn good shape isn't he!!

  3. Ryan gave Shawn the grudge race win. Shawn claims " i tune my own car" is a LIE. Shawn, Daddy Dave and Ryan ha had help from Steve Petty Proline Racing Team).

  4. Hey I'm a big moron fan for sure but is it just video or could Shawn work on them reaction times? It just seems late on everyone of them passes except the one he lost then won. Not saying I could do better lol but if he could would be alot better off and even harder to beat.

  5. Shawn America's list out played Scott just to look dumb with a broken car. Scott would've dragged him anyway. Uh karma was like not today Shawn.

  6. Man!!! A-AHHHH !! Murda- you got some balls lining up against that Lexus I herd -well what I had herd was !!! THAT GUYS A CRASH !!!! Hahahhahahaha lol .

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