3600HP Murder Nova "No Prep Kings Build" – 482ci with 98MM Turbos on 70PSI (STREET OUTLAW Garage)

On this episode we head over to Shawn’s (aka Murder Nova) garage to get the latest on his new 3600+HP NPK Murder Nova build. We tour his garage of seriously badass toys and he takes us for a ride in the 1000+HP blower/Nitrous “Man Van”.

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  1. simples stroy, 405 and all of the other teams in what ever states. They all do the same stupid stuff to sell there crap to tv. I used to folllow , but no more. It is just a money pitt for the ones that want to follow it. And yes sure htey do get paid for being fricking tv idiots. Easy way to make a buck…..Just like politicicans. Never wil I lie to u. Yeah right. Now i just watch cartoons..

  2. He will probably never run Atomizer fuel injectors I'm pretty sure hes not a fan of the French's. They have some bad ass rides tho then the Bruders help a lil to smart dudes!

  3. Flat brim ballcaps, hoodies, sunglasses, gym shorts, flip-flops, bad tats – average age 41. I feel like I'm at any local sports bar in So Cal on a Sunday afternoon. That said, the Nova is pretty bad ass.

  4. Just a suggestion, no hate.
    Let the owner tell the details of the car when you ask about their car. Example “what size tires? 36’s?”
    IMO it would be best to just ask the question and let them answer. Make or a better interview to listen to.

    End note, nice interview and love the production.

  5. I see how they split up u do grow apart when u have deffrent values witch is nothing at all wrong with it murder jus took his brand to a another level

  6. All the hp in the world dont help if you cant get that unit down the track on a regular basis. Pull that small block and go hemi with 5 kits and a small turbo button for a scramble . I get it trying to prove that small block can get er done but its not consistant. As well i asked 10 times to hire your garage to build a engine for my sons truck after i was engulfed in a gas fire and no ine responded. I had 100 grand to get the build done and why no responce. After that i stopped my subscription to your channel. Sadly diapointed. I took my cash to one of your competitors and got it done. My son has always been a fan favourite and after 10 messages and a call to your shop we got no reply.

  7. Watching this episode for the first time now and now knowing how Sean has been doing at NPK. That car is one of the fastest out there the guy just keeps getting shitty luck. Then again it’s his first year. I expect him to win at least one before it’s all done

  8. hell yeah brother! that's insane. My eyes are burning from here. <3 the build and so much respect from here down under. Can't wait to see how far it goes.

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