We get to talk with Troy for a few minutes on his progress on the No prep kings Camaro rebuild. We also talk to him about the process of installing a carbon seat and the reasoning we use the seats we use. Plus we talk to Jesse and Danny on other things in progress at the shop as well!!!

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  1. I really like the way you and your guys care about the look and quality of your work on you customers cars. It really shows. Keep up the great work.

  2. I am a do it yourself type of guy would love to see some info on small tig brackets for moly and mild steel. tungstein, filler rod, and any tip and trick to lay down some great welds like I see here.

  3. Great Vid!!! A lot of work going into the rebuild and I appreciate how much work is involved. I started off in cars but stick to bikes now on my channel because I work by myself and just don't have enough room with the machine shop. Anyway great content and look forward to the next video. Cheers Rick MTR Australia

  4. When you guys do a shop build you guys should do an old school like either a Chevelle,Nova,or Camaro and only mini tub it to fit a 29×12.5×15 or 275s or even a 315 and pull out all the tricks and do the car as nice and as fancy as you can and use one of those floater rears like at the beginning of the video and put a Liberty with the Quick Drive and get a Gear Vendors Overdrive so you can have like a 6th gear OD in the 5 speed and build it with steel roof and quarters like Justin's car and put headlights and taillights in the car and for the powerplant go with either a 4.6 bore space 540cid Small Block Chevy or a 454cid solid roller LS Stage 3 from TKM or a Semi Hemi 540,572,or 632cid or a 481x 572cid with Fuel Tech everything EFI,sensors and all with twin 102mm pro mod turbos or a huge single,triple ball bearing,billet center section,billet wheel,stainless exhaust housing with the heatshield cover,cross ballistic bolts,and ballistic blanket and have Joe @ DCF polish it up and use as much titanium and carbon fiber as you can on the car and take it on all the drag and drive events like Mid-West Drag Week,Hot Rod Drag Week,and Rocky Mountain Race Week and see if you can take Tom Bailey's record of 5.79 @ 248mph in a 1/4 but if you did it on small tires or radials that would be even better plus you can break multiple records all in one pass

  5. Im pretty sure Jesse's girl is no longer existent… i mean he didn't go out to eat last friday, he did the shop cookout… im pretty sure we went over it a bunch of eps back he doesnt show up when skirts calling 🀣

  6. I'm really digging this Channel Cam! Drinking my Coffee and enjoying! Keep up the good quality 1st class work , you got a good team!

  7. I guess Justin was full of chit when he said Cameron didn't like being on camera???
    Holy shit skating rink shoutouts…..Cameron sit you are telling your age there bud….lol

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