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  1. When I was finishing my house, one of the jobs was putting in the textured glass into the upper corner kitchen cabinet door… I always have caulking around… used it and it would not cure. Not the first time I have experienced this either. I need to pull my engine partially apart for concerning reasons (my mind wont let a few concerns go). I will throw out all whatever brand of sealant laying around still. Thanks for the Brilliant and step by step instruction! Thanks again

  2. Billy I need your help on to buy your Stuff I am a Computer Idiot LOL . I have looked but I Not sure where to look LOL God Bless you and Molly and Family

  3. Well,we all knew there would be bugs to work out Billy… Things take time for everything to come around and hit on all cylinders… Got faith in you guys and your program!!! There isn’t anybody in my eyes who puts in more work and time on a truck or car,to get ready for the street!!! Just a matter of time before those mid 4’s will be rollin at the high 140’s-low150’s!!! Can’t wait!!! God Bless you and your family and stay safe!!!

  4. Funny thing is, that "harbor freight jack" is the same one that snap on filed a law suit over. It's the same jack as the snap on, different branding, same buildhouse. Oh, and snap on charges a tad bit more for their stickers.

  5. Billy the shoe thing sometimes it's right but remember when you put a cold foot on the first 330 it's going to feel slippery but it starts to warm up so pls ride track back with the other foot to confirm it's actually sticky on the top end lol I'm an old school boy been there done that …love the truck I've the channel

  6. Hey Billy I love t comment you make about Gaptize by a street car …. my 70 Nova small block 400 was no joke ….I had to run mostly big blocks but your truck is My favorite dude

  7. Y love the live vous voulait pas adopter un frenchy qui a 56 n a rien que c est yeux pour rêver d Amérique j en reve depuis mon enfance ou tout jeunes j ai vue point limite zero un super film et cherif cour apres moi les frères diuk et leur cousines hummm

  8. La nova qui ta battue on aurait dit qu elle était 4 roues motrices elle a filait tout droit alors que tout le monde ce bha pour rester droit faites gaffe à ca aujourd'hui il existe des transmission en appuyant sur un bouton tes propulsion tu ràpuit et boum 4wd en Europe ca existe si il ý a des malin qui monte çà sur leur voiture c est un TGV que tu doit rattraper pas une voitures de toutes facon ci les dieux veulent bien me laisser vivre mon rêve américains d enfant. Je me préparer un monstre qui burnes pas à par au démarrage mais après je met mon TGV en route il y a des dollars à l histoire autant ce préparer un monstre mécanique

  9. Houaaaà the camaro FBOMB is m'y cars for mie is numbers 3 américaine one camaro z28 70 73 one motors the v8 big blok 572 one supercharger one kit nos the suspension is système triangulaire for the no burne is demaràge

  10. YAL need to let the Old Man get his flippipping sleep,yAL have NO IDEA at how much he's got to worry about YAL while being awake! It's ok Pops,they will shortly cause they slippin them lil peckers everywhere,lol! FLIPPING BOYS,lol!

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