Solar Needs Racing || No Prep Kings 2021 Season

Follow BFJ, Solar Needs Racing, and CSM Racing Engines as they get within striking range of the Title!!


  1. Could use some fun info on that engine, bore stroke, what it's made to resemble, big block Chevy or what, I'm not a hemi fan but more of a wedge fan

  2. I'm glad too see your ok and back at it. Your a breath of fresh air on the show. With all the personalities that are there . Yours is the most down too earth. AND ALL OF THE OTHER RACERS TO HAVE RESPECT YOU BECAUSE YOU BEAT THEM AT THIER OWN GAME.

  3. The OK guys built their cars for the street they race on in OK which is almost as as face as a track. They did have issues when they had to travel to Nebraska as the producers picked a really slick road to hold the races on.

  4. Is he rebuilding the ‘stang or does he have a new ride? Kinda cool to see a top level engine being built in a garage vs a big fancy engine shop.

  5. I cannot believe you touch those bearings bare hand you never touch bearings only takes a small piece of grit to chew it up but you have the money to fix it for sure good luck man tell the guy filming to turn alerts off when filming

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