1. It's sad to see happen. It sounds like there has been problems building for a while now. That was the breaking point. I binge watched Memphis Street Outlaws over the past few weeks, you can see the difference from the beginning until now. It's obvious that the strain of TV and popularity has changed JJ. It's no longer just for the "family" and the joy of racing. It's a business now. It's really sad. When I watched him just throw almost $100.000 on a couple of races! There is no way in hell he would or could, do that in the beginning! That tells you who has the bankroll out of all this. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying JJ is a bad person…I like him, I just can see he's changed and I hate to see that for the entire team! I hope that you all are able to move forward and have the best life's you can. God be with all of you.

  2. It sounds like you and your boys was trying to cause trouble according to the other man that was in the truck Lawson the roads are not private anybody can go up and down these roads and your wife was not even there so how can she comment on anything

  3. Love Anthony n jj they should get back together. There fine its his wife thats the issue. Which is what it is. There son literally had to tell his mom to stop talking and let anthony talk. Anthony good dude trying to keep up with his wife wanting to be famous. Support your husban in his racing i been to plenty of races and his wife wasnt there. She only at camera races. Bottom line Anthony a good stand up guy. Nobody should be waving guns around. Larry larson isnt gona lie why would he he got more money than god n he a good honest dude he is also not the only other people there wen ur son waving gun around shooting in the air like he a cowboy. Cmon everyonr grow up and work it out with jj and become a family again. Is family what its all about. Or it about jewelery and plastic survery etc. In my book Anthony u a stand up guy be careful the company u KEEP

  4. This pisses me off. If varni shooting at you why aint you shootm back BRandon ur sitm here laughimg during video like it's a joke. If varni shoot at you why aint he in trouble or off of the shows. Unreal. Anthomy on good person out of the 4 of them. Amthony not fake

  5. Wife says jj never had there backs amd then to minutes later says jj had there backs. Wtf get her out of there she only cars bout the🤑

  6. Man I got a friend on August 4th we been friends 41 yrs and we had not big fall outs but we to this day theirs nothing I wouldn't do for him ,24/7/365 so it his not no way in hell he would ever call me I wouldn't do for him.,…you will be fine if it could afford to have you build me a motor and set my truck up……

  7. Why are y’all slinging guns over some fake ass street races. But Anthony seems like a good guy but these two knuckle heads and goofy ol lady got in her feeling. Not saying he’s not getting his fair shake there’s always three sides to every story his side their side and the truth! Good luck Anthony, get them kids and ol lady in check!

  8. Sounds like a partial bullshit story. Your wife first said your son never pulled a gun, then it was said he not only pulled a gun he shot it. If you were only making a thousand dollars per episode, how were your sons able to be there with you? Of course you couldn’t put JJ’s name on the bulletin, he’s under contract. You seem like a great guy, and you’re an excellent mechanic. I wish you well. Shut the family up and handle your own business.

  9. Sounds like the producer is taking JJ for a ride. These shows are big money. Sounds like JJ was promised more money but didn't get it in writing. Much like a bad deal for a new band. Then the ego kicks in. He feels he put it all together and that he should reap all the rewards. Now he thinks those girls are his meal ticket. That won't happen. That will burn out quick. Sad how money ruins things. It is the root of all evil.

  10. That money is gone !…just accept it , your kids ruined it for you understand that , a gold mine pissed away ..back to oil changes and break changes, find a fox body and run the street in front of the house ..sooo call it a day .

  11. A lifetime of being a top notch mechanic to get your trade where it needs to be and get an opportunity like MSO..and your kids just kept drama going and your wife couldn’t just be quiet, you’d stay there forever had not been for them brought you to this …they messed you ol boy!

  12. All you had to do was just work on the cars and that’s it , stay out of the drama and things been okay ..$150,000 to be a mechanic ..that’s it ..

  13. The wife and the kids are the issue .
    Anyway for months later JJ DA Boss and his crew are out racing and haven't missed a beat .
    Women JJ told you to kick not the other way around .
    And JJ is going to go on racing and making money 💰

  14. The money the wife said it's happening meaning some are making alot of money .
    That's right the Boss is making a ton of money .
    He just bought a new boat and jj is going to keep making money with or without out these people .
    I guess these people didn't learn from Block nowdays block block who ?

  15. Anthony is a good guy and humbles but sometimes you has to put your foot and resolve you own problems and no let your woman get involved in man business and tried to trick you in to a poppy…

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