Scott Taylor Talks New No Prep Kings Car & Races in The Dirty South!!

In this video we have scott taylor who drives the procharged firebird known as track doe in the big tire class at the dirty south no prep. The event took place at the alamo city motorplex in Texas. Scott would enter the cash days style big tire class which he raced his way to an great race against a familiar foe. After the race we managed to catch up with scott taylor to talk about various topics. One of the topics was the origins of birdman’s new camaro came from which scott brought some good insight on that. Also, scott sneaks some information about his new no prep car which he didnt reveal it but spoke quite a bit about it. Check out the video to catch up with what the Scott Taylor is doing during this winter for this spring’s season and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. One genuinely nice guy and smart to. He's close to winning NPK races. Looks like NOLA is putting money into their cars so they could win.

  2. scott IMO has the car to beat in track doe. the procharger setup has worked out for him on both cars, so new chassis should be insane if he has time

  3. Big fan of Scotts. Always comes off as a respectful,and very knowledgeable,A humble professional.But definitely a fierce competitor.Seen recent video of John Doe on small tires and another driver with procharger combo and it looked really good..cant wait to see new car..i hear its a 69 camaro. but we shall see

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