Street Outlaws Megalodon and Axman Quick 8 | Sketchy's Garage

Quick 8. We ask 8 quick questions to the Street Outlaws drivers.


  1. I love Brett Austin this Virginia man Is great and his car the Megladon Camaro is the best and fastest car going. Great interview Brett. And also Axman and his wife seem like a great couple I love them so much take care everyone .

  2. Damn… Axman and 🦈 Megalodon 🦈 too. Hell yes! That was a bad ass run em down race as well. Thanks for sharing brother!

    Megalodon + Axman = 💪💪💪

  3. Those 2 are more competitive than anyone probably understands. What I mean by that is you have Brent who runs racing fuel in his riding mower because he loves the smell if it. Then when they race each other it's a competition to see who does the longest burn out. And other than these 2 retailing shit to each other in the lanes Larry and Brent love racing James and Kayla because their competitive yet they handle shit talk and not just wish it out. Once the race is over or their all friends again…

  4. I think Brett is mad everybody copied him with his setup 2 years ago everybody was turbo now everybody went to procharged Hemi what's he was the whole time

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