Twin Turbo Pro 275 1955 Chevy BelAir | Mike Achenbach

The latest craze to run through the popular Outlaw Drag Radial circuit has been Pro 275 and for good reason. The rule makers, led by Duck X Productions, has brought the wild and unpredictable nature of radial racing back as they reduced the tire size to just 275/60R15. Additionally, fan appeal has been supersized with the caveat that a factory “profile” must be maintained, barring the inclusion of Pro Modified bodies. Adding style to the Pro 275 category in 2021 will be Mike Achenbach and his brand-new 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.

The legendary Jerry Bickel Race Cars crafted the stunning new ride with an astute attention to detail as they want to maximize fan appeal. Powering the Tri-Five racecar is a twin turbocharged big-block Chevy from Pro Line Racing. The powerplant comes to the party at a robust 628ci and a custom billet intake manifold was crafted specifically for the engine combination. Recently, the team brought their flawless machine to FuelTech USA’s facility in Ground Ball, Georgia for a chance to get some testing completed on the in-house Mainline Hub Dyno. Testing on the hub dyno helps save time and money so racers can work through new combinations or test parts in a controlled environment.

A quick walk-through of Achenbach’s Chevy reveals a suite of FuelTech products to help control and monitor the 4,000hp combination. It all begins with the FT600 engine management system that is part of the record-breaking, award winning PowerFT line-up of ECUs. The FT600 is a highly-capable stand alone ECU that comes standard with sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Traction Control, Boost Controller, PRO-Nitrous Controller, along with powertrain management. One of the neat features of the FT600, as well as the FT450 and FT550, is the integrated TFT touchscreen display. Not only is the screen customizable to present any data channel but the driver or crew can make adjustments without the need to hook up a laptop or PC computer! It makes on-the-fly changes easy while in the burnout box or strapped to the dyno.

Running alcohol fuel requires different equipment than gasoline-powered engines and FuelTech has a catalog full of products to assist in monitoring either fuel. For Achenbach’s Chevy they turned to the Alcohol O2 Dual Channel Conditioner, which utilizes high-quality NTK sensors and connects to the FT600 via CAN communication. Two Peak and Hold 8A/2A Drivers are employed to run the low impedance fuel injectors that are required to supply the fuel in this powerful combination.

FuelTech products provide the ignition solutions as well, the team turned to the CDI Racing Ignition coils, which are run in conjunction with an FTSPARK-8 Gen I. The Gen I system is highly capable but has since been replaced with the FTSPARK-8 Gen II. The Gen II box offers a minimum and guaranteed 750mj of energy at 140 amps and has been tested up to 850mj in certain applications. FuelTech tests every unit prior to boxing to ensure each one meets the 750mj minimum guarantee. For those keeping score, that is a 25 percent increase in mj output over the FTSPARK Gen I and a 12.5 percent increase in amps at the primary coil. All Gen I ignition boxes are upgradable to Gen II and it uses the same enclosure, making the swap easy and quick.

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  1. My father had a 56 bel air here in Brazil. I've listened about this car all my childhood… He took the fiancees to the church on it. Probably with this power train the traveling would be faster. Lol

  2. I did work for Mike who owns this car and he has a least 3 other cars like this and drives theses cars himself in 3 seconds down the track! Crazy fast

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