2021 Q&A with Stevie Fast’s take on power adders, injector hats, pro stock motorcycles and more! Ep1

Q1: Here’s a question for the next Q&A: If all NHRA pro mods were the
same weight and engine displacement and there was no limit on turbo
size or overdrive for roots and centrifugal blowers what would be the
quickest and fastest combo?

Q2: Q&A for you .. The keyboard worriers wanna know why u don’t run a
Mike Janis Hat/ blower set up?…..I’m a fan of a Pro Mod group on
Facebook an we all wanna know what your idea is on that set up
lol…. Thanks Kelly from Toledo Ohio!

Q3: Q&A Hi Stevie Big fan here, quick question, is there a Reason you
Run the Brad Hemi’s vs the Alan Johnson stuff? i guess i may be old
school but i assumed Alan’s stuff was the best???

Q4: Would you ever make a pass on a pro stock bike if given the chance
been curious after seeing the Harleys in the shop Q&A

Q5: # Q&A- I have two questions if they have radial vs. the world
versus Pro nitrous or pro modified which car would you rather have
pro modified or the radial car and can you please a video with you
and Phil Shuler talking about how you met and your beginnings in drag
racing until where you are right now #Q&A

Q6: I have. Q&A question. How are you guys faster on radials then big
tires? Asked a few guy’s now I have. Q&A question. How are you guys faster on radials then big
tires? Asked a few guy’s now.

Q7: Question for upcoming fast lane Q&A….did the 2019 pro mod
championship trophy get added to the wrap around shelf in the shop of
was it sent to the Sheikh Abdullah over in Bahrain #Q&A


  1. I've been a huge fan for a long time, you are an inspiration to a lot of racers. Can you finally spill the beans on the original orange car weight, hp, et, mph, engine power plant? Was it really a stock block big block chevy? Good luck this season!

  2. Stevie… I'm sure you've seen the "Donks" racing on big wheels with hard tires and the "Big Rim Racing" grudge scene as a whole take off a bit down South.

    Is there enough money under the sun to get you to tune one of those cars if it were equipped with a Holley Dominator Efi system and a few stages of dry nitrous to stomp some of the top running turbo cars in that genre of heads up racing? 🤔

  3. Mr. Jackson, do you think we could get a vlog / interview the next time you are in Bahraini with the sheikh? I have not found much about how his love for drag racing started. I totally understand if not. I just find it very interesting to see how people get hooked in the sport. Thanks again for posting great videos. Sincerely Jeff from western Pennsylvania.

  4. Your a funny man, a A460 cast block 2900.00 twin Borg warner S480s, 1400 bucks, 2400 HP. Show me any block, blower combo for so cheap. For the everyday shade tree mechanic turbos are king.

  5. Why do some teams believe in building complete new cars on a regular schedule When the shadow is still out there leading the field after many years?

  6. Surprised to not hear comments about the “new” NHRA shifting rule for Pro Mods. I’d guess this affects more of the electronics than shifting. BTW …. Go Bucks!!!

  7. So correct me if I'm wrong: basically what you're saying is radial vs big tire slick on a perfect track the radial doesn't spend all of it's time out of the hole squishing the tire down to bite like what a big tire slick does. The radial just bites in enough to get it to move out and away and makes the track do the majority of the hard work.

  8. Hellish 2020 was rough on everyone. We have to give a huge shout out to those track owners who could afford to hold an event with no spectator gate proceeds to help cover costs. Racers struggled with slow parts manufacturing, slow shipping etc. CUDO's to the entire drag racing community for hang'n in and surviving that year. 2021 hopefully will be better!

  9. Man I have followed you since the grudge days and the obnoxiously loud zoomies and pro charger on the orange car but I have to know is there ever a chance of you going back to the pro charger or back to some big money grudge races

  10. A roots blows is far more efficient that a screw blower sorry bud you got your facts wrong if screw blowers were so damn good why does top fuel run roots blowers and not screw blowers, and the parasitic loss’s on a 14-71 is about 75hp https://youtu.be/kj3mEuunVPk in this video these two cars have the same motor ones twin turbo one supercharged the parasitic loss’s aren’t as much as ppl think and with turbos you have to wait on the boost to re-build after your launch which usually take 1-1.5 secs a supercharged car has boost from the line

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