BARN FIND: 1932 Ford Drag Car – Hot Rod Hoarders Ep. 34

A true barn find is getting harder to find these days, but this 1932 Ford GASSER is about as REAL as it gets. It sat in a chicken house for decades. The car has DEEP drag racing history that goes back to 1957 and was driven by several local legends in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was pulled out of the barn, sold to a fellow out West who got it running again, then went to Virginia and then back out West. This well-traveled 32 Ford is one of the most epic barn finds of all time. I dig into its history to document its time as a drag car, and tell you about the dudes who piloted it. It was a pleasure to document this car.

Through the years, this historic hot rod was powered by a Ford Flathead V8, a 347ci Pontiac, a 370ci Pontiac, a 389ci Pontiac that was bored and stroked to 470+ci, an early Dodge Wedge with six carburetors, a 427ci FORD, and now a Buick Nailhead. This is a hot rod, a barn find, a gasser and a drag car all wrapped up into one amazing car.

Big thanks to Lance at Speed & Chrome Illustrated. Check him out here:

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  1. Thank you for telling this awesome story. I love to hear that a car with so much nostalgic racing history is back in the original family`s hands, the icing on the cake is the car has been lovingly restored to its former glory. Truly a bad ass Mopar.

  2. ,,,,When I saw the name , Hot Rod Hoarder , I had to check you out , I've been into this stuff since 1965 ,, today my amassed education and skills are near the highest level . Your story and research on the 32 was awesome … If I had 32G's to buy another car , I wish I could………….I hoard too……..Seems , a man can't have enough of what makes his passion come to life………..

  3. Ya Know Some Times It’s OK TO DO PAINT & BODY. All original patina on the car don’t mean shit I promise you I don’t fix the fucking thing up even if you’re paint it back to the original colors.. No you’re right keep it a rat rod because it’s a rat right you might as well put a wing on the back while you’re at it and do that thing where you stance the tires.. definitely don’t forget the Wing

  4. You have to bring this to a SEGA event. Please. Put a stock 302 and automatic and drive it a SEGA event. South Eastern Gassers Association. this would be the main spectacle.

  5. My grandfather used to have a black 65 Belair with factory impala interior parts cop car. 327 300horse motor. Uncle blew it up racing and traded the motor for a running 283. Still have the 283 in the barn.

  6. Another great story … Great old car . I hope your successful . So you can make a little money so you can buy some of these cars . Keep up the good work

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