Drag Racing Friends EP10: The Drag Racing Debate

On this episode of DRAG RACING FRIENDS hosts Chad Reynolds and Barrett Green look at what classes in drag racing are the most exciting for both fans and racers. Bobby Bennett from Competition Plus magazine joins the fray to speak his mind about what he thinks is the best class in drag racing is. With three big personalities on the show you know the debate is going to heat up and be fun.

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  1. Thank you for the content gents! I really enjoyed this series and I hope they do it again.
    By the way Chad, I heard you say once you wanted an old winnebago to roll around in well…. I have a twin turbo 72 winnebago I call the Twinnebago that you are welcome to drive any time. I should have it at LS Fest West next year and may drag my car with it to RMRW if I can get my crap together.

  2. The memorable run for me—a race for a spot in the bracket finals where a guy has to be called BACK to the track after having already left for the day…drove his rig into the staging lanes, no time run—went triple 0 and dead on with a 1 to beat a guy with an .011 package! BTW—these were FOOTBRAKE RACERS!!!!!

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