One on One with Street Outlaws Todd Spiers! The UNDERDOG on TEAM NOLA that SHOCKED JJ DA BOSS!


  1. We all have the same struggles , put in the work on the channel , and the fruits will return as you know .Your passion for racing and family bleeds through , that’s why I watch .

  2. I love your app. I'm 69 yrs. Young and sold my Harly so I could buy me a 55 Belair . Its not cool as yours but I love it. Hope to get to meet your family some day

  3. I will put it like this you know they say you have to get your foot in the door Todd got his toe in the door and kicked it slam open because he was running against a badass car and he pulled it off and that showed everybody that big money can be outrun and Todd did a great job at it and Chucky Davis will never forget him I guarantee that

  4. What an awesome experience that I can relate too. Got to LOVE this channel everytime I watch a vlog it just pulls me in and humbles me more about the daily. It's keeped real and down to earth. What a blessing to be in position to live a life to do the things the ole man does with his boys. Congratulations and wish you greater success…. Please be safe out there !!!!!

  5. We understand who you and your family are! you are just like a lot of us hard working Americans trying to have fun with what we have worked our tails off for ! We appreciate y’all for being you !!!!!!!! Thank you

  6. I really enjoy watching all the videos you and the boys put out. Love that you all are down to earth and don't have to have all the drama and smack talking going on at the races. Seeing true hard working families being able to enjoy racing and staying together as a family is great. The simple things in life are the best. I really enjoy watching how relaxed and calm both boys are during any part of a race and you as dad being relaxed and leading them with great knowledge. Doing things as a family are creating awesome memories that will last a lifetime. Keep making videos and we will keep watching.

  7. It speaks volumes on how much respect these other drivers have for the ole man. Just found the channel a few weeks ago, and have been binge watching both src and src garage. The authenticity is the draw for me. Keep up the good work. If you happen to read this what is a piece of advice you would give to a young man, for life in general. Thanks

  8. I’m from Petoskey Michigan about 6 hrs away from you guys and I would love to come watch you guys run. Love you guys and god bless you for what you’re family and you do

  9. All of us hotrodders better enjoy it while we still can, you know who is coming for ALL of it.. Time to learn batteries and motors i guess..

  10. I enjoy following u all. Because u live a life like most. Worked out of your own shop with reasonable price tools. Nothing giving to u all. Work hard to be fast. I am a budget builder myself. So I can relate. Enjoyed the interview

  11. In my years of racing there is so many talented people that never get recognized! I appreciate you and your family thank you!! God bless you and your family!!

  12. Believe it or not, that was my favorite episode on there. I don't watch it anymore but Todd reminded me of my high school friend that stunned this area with his little Malibu Classic with a 406 on nitrous. If it would have had wings it would have flew, and he made it happen going to college and working at Lowe's. Now his dad was really good friends with the local machine shop owner and his dad happened to be the top brass mechanic with our city's Fire Department but they're all just hard working stiffs that had to budget build and find cheap used replacement parts. That car got down to running high 5s low 6s but eventually Daniel became a dad himself and racing didn't mean as much to him. On another note, his dad is retired and so is the machine shop owner and last I heard they're reviving the mobster

  13. You are a family that most people could learn from. It’s to bad that more people don’t take the time to be with their family more.

  14. Ay man, can we PLEASE get a video on Todd's car? Would love to know what the rear suspension setup looks like, and especially that wicked Coyote combo

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