Street Outlaws BOBBY DUCOTE. One on One with “The Old Man”


  1. Thank you all for the love and support. If you want to help support our family and what we are doing, subscribe, and turn on notifications so y’all know when we upload. Thank you all very much.

    -Old Man

  2. Its the chin strap Bob!!

    Just playin. Thank you for the videos. I just found you guys today and I cant get enough. Keep up the great work

  3. I know most all you guys have a huge heart, but the tattoos and crazy talk make you look like guys you should stay out of the way of if you don't want trouble, just saying, I personally love cars that cost between $10K and $15K, all this high dollar stuff doesn't even interested me, if you can't drive it to the track its not a real car

  4. Gotta love it brother just keep doing what you do and how you do it feelings are optional Lol. Bobby never met the man my self but from what I seen of him of the TV I would take him in my corner any day

  5. I wish yall had a TV show! I love the family atmosphere full of die hard racing. Everyone is a essential part of the channel for sure. Love you guys!

  6. The truth is I really don't want you to change alot. If we wanted to watch edited produced videos we can watch TV. I love your style videos. They're something fatherly and comforting about them. If you do change, please don't change that.

  7. I met him at the Indy PRI show two years ago . He was really cool to talk to and took the time to talk to my 2 teenage boys and sign hats for them.

  8. Sounds like a nice bloke, why would he want to pretend to be someone different?
    Same with you Bill, so stop apologizing already.
    There should be no need to apologize for integrity.
    It's pretenders that should be careful.
    I think I speak for many when I say
    "I tuned in here because I liked it here."

  9. I've always liked Bobby, hes just a guy that grew up a bit rough. 🤷‍♂️ Everybody seems to think anyone who doesn't take shit from people is an "asshole" and anybody with tattoos and a necklace is a "thug", judge a man by his actions, not his appearances.

  10. So glad Bobby is doing well not really a ford fan but loved his maverick and always enjoyed watching him. Bobby and Shane were my two favorites. No longer have TV so I can't watch them anymore

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