Why The 405 are Not on Street Outlaws Fastest In America Season 2 – Street Race Talk Episode 252

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  1. Well son you aren't old enough to remember the young and one of the fastest on the track back in the 80s . now I understand the track and the street are two diff animals . now the 405 u realize first I just stopped watching when the guys got to big for there own pants . and respect is earned not given . I want to see what a real. Team street racers just look to the Memphis famliy . now I'm born & bread in the real 405 now in all reality only about 4 of the guys are from the real 405. Back in the day that only included okc Midwest city …..where I was born. del city. beth.war.thats the original 405 map not clear down to the Texas boarder. .and mabey that why what was a great idea for a show turned into something I'm not proud of period . they need to retire the guys and put together a top 10 real 405 female list . let us remind everyone what racing should be .
    Thank you
    Leslie Akin
    Women and American muscle.

  2. JJ knows if the 405 races in it he has no chance in winning the money and JJ and his team should also have to race their way to the end instead of only racing the last race it just doesn’t seam to be fair to the other teams

  3. I can talk to one of the team leaders from fastest In America to see if he would wanna do an interview with you. I know most of the information. But I’m not sure what I’m actually aloud to say.

  4. I had a cool idea after this fastest in America 2 final episode they should have chief show up and say who is the fastest on the street like JJ did to them in Oklahoma

  5. Lizzie has the right to be there…it's all the pro mods that shouldn't be there if your street you should have a straight up street car…All steel mirrors blinkers shit like that a real street car not all those pro mods they bring from the track

  6. Can we all agree that all (street outlaws) are legal since they rent the road and have cops around and safety crews etc so saying its illegal
    is kinda dumb

  7. I miss the 405, is not the same without them . I Hope they can get back soon !!!!! Great job in keeping track on the 405 .

  8. Lutz is the man ! He should definitely be on the list he may have hung around the middle of the list but he is so busy he never made all the list races ! I also fell into the street able racing seen through Lutz and Larson both of them build amazing cars ( of there own and for others ) and are both beyond capable of beating the brakes off of any one on the list ! Lutz has a car for Damn near every different drag racing event !!

  9. I am done with the 405, they always fight each other and I have lost all respect for Chief after he left his wife and kids. JJ is fun to watch

  10. Great video / info
    I kinda wondered bout the first season of fastest in America where was 405 my wife said where is 405
    I said maybe there filming at No Prep Kings

    But GL😆D their doing their own show. More racing for the fans Across USA.
    & TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲🦅🇺🇲🦅

  11. Street outlaws is whack without the 405 Big Cheif Ryan Murder Nova Daddy Dave and Chuck. They are the best hands down. They need there own show. F discovery there scumbags. They have that hill billy who can’t shine there shoes. Save it there all whack except for Kyle Kelly. I think he is not as fast as the top 3 405 facts.

  12. you bitch about lizy being on the list cause she aint street but you all know shes fast and shes a racer through and through, everyone has to start somewhere. there is no reasom to take away from her. she works hard and drives just as hard. she just starting on the street with some rep from the track. no one would hate as much on someone from the street going track. shes got the rep, the work, and more then the experience that should more then prove shes worthy of being where she is and going for the street

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