Can "Stevie Fast" Jackson Be Stopped??!?!?!??!

Since March of 2019, doorslammer drag racing sensation “Stevie Fast” Jackson has been on an absolute tear – winning almost every single big money radial race he’s entered (short one) and setting and resetting the radial tire record multiple times along the way. Can he be stopped?

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  1. It's funny you said "derailing the freight train that is StevieFastJackson"….reminds me of Stevie's interview with Alan Reinhart at PRI a couple years ago…Reinhart asked him what the gap band thing is….and Stevie brings up the "freight train donkey gap" 😁😁

  2. its simple stevies swinging a bat 365 days year around on just racing..most the other radial guys are doing it handful times a yr an then you have a few who run nmca an such..reese seems like hes the only one who can run a number close to stevie an hang who isnt part of the ktr team..most others are .08 or better off the now you have jr gray an head shot coming so thats 2 nasty nitrous cars an one blown deal out ktr for radial racing… id like to see stevie with reeses combo..just imagine if he got the blown hemi,blown sb an nitrous all into the 40s..crazy to think 20yrs ago 5.40s was the record with bfgs,a 540ci big block an 350 shot was like promod shit in them street cars then🤣..

  3. Can he be stopped… god I hope not.
    He is everything that is great about drag racing. He loves it. He breathes it. He wants to win. He wants to tear the other guys head off. He has the personality, the skill, and the desire.

    Thank god he hasn’t become a boring corporate racer that never says anything interesting.

  4. Yeah he can be stop let the turbo cars run more boost I think pro-line and all the other engine builders are letting him shine for a bit but for now he's doing the damn thing

  5. I’ve watched a little RvW here recently there’s a hell of a lot more than 6 cars there, and yeah he’s winning it with his hand built motors, instead of running PoS crate motors like all the other RvW idiots, if Swanstrom could figure out how to build a motor instead of just using crate motors he might do better, I’ve seen $100k crate motors go out as new with holes in the pistons, you take two motors the exact same spec say one hand built by a Racer/Mechanic/Pit Crew vs now built by a crate motor company like say Musi the hand built motor would make far more HP than the crate PoS there’s only one good crate company out there Sonny’s Racing Engines been around over 50 years that I know of

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