Drag Racing Friends EP3: No Prep Drama

On this episode of DRAG RACING FRIENDS hosts Chad Reynolds and Barrett Green get all of their no prep buddies together for a fun chat about the drama in this form of racing. Drag Week legend and no prep racer Larry Larson joins the show as the special guest to give his thought about racing drama. No Prep Kings star Eric Bain stops by to talk about what he thinks needs to happen in no prep racing. Kaley Mills jumps into the mix as a guest to talk about why she needs to be recognized as a threat in the no prep world.

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  1. There goes Larry Larson the cry baby crying about somebody that knows how to read a light better than him it's not called guessing it's called pretty much being lucky but if you're that good you're that good Larson's been getting his ass whooped lately anyways maybe he should go home and work on his car

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