NHRA – the largest motorsports sanctioning body on the planet and the major leagues of drag racing – announced staggering purse reductions for their professional categories recently. What happens now?!?!?!

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  1. Well what the heck did you expect???….When you can't take it in , you can't pay it out….Yep, an E-mail
    may not be the most diplomatic way, but it sure is Cheaper…..Just be happy if you still can go play
    with your Toys, it's not like they are anything necessary……

  2. N.H.R.A has been doing it to the grass roots racers for years I don.t go to see the pro classes it is the class racers that is the back bone of drag racing [super stock /stock/ s/g s/c s/pro s/st .Plus they are some of the best people in the sport !!!!

  3. What to do? Simple Turn back the clock' go back old school to where it started realize That money is not everything without a heart into it' bring back the working class racer's and give them a "TV" show with full bio's on how they actually struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table for the family yet still manage to save a few dollars to take the family out to a race and have fun and maybe have a good chance at winning some money 💰 back' Big Willie of Terminal island brother hood raceway had it right a Long time ago with his run whatcha brung motto' Hmmn"" wonder why he wasn't allowed to continue" with his program in the City when Pomona raceway was still within driving distance but yet they were allowed to fully blossom' Hmmn" I'm definitely not knocking The pro's and big wigs because by all means if you have the resources and financial support go for it and continue to do what you do i think we all agree that everyone wants to be able to get to that level I love watching them and I'll support them the best I can but in reality how many of us have a billion dollar budget to be at that level? Bring the little guys back and there will automatically be more exposure for the big guy's simple" Turn back the clock to where it all started from 👍

  4. NHRA just wants to put more money into it,s pockets,and not giving any of it to the racers.Owners at the top screwing the racers for every thing they can get.

  5. I was amazed by nhra 20 years ago . As soon as I started racing myself I saw how far away from regular racing this flying circus called nhra is from the stuff we can relate to . Never looked back and that was 20 years ago . Nhra is dead and will vanish soon if they don’t make major changes Tom their format . And most importantly start listening to the guys who pay your salaries . THE FANS !!!

  6. What do Harley Davidson, NASCAR, NHRA and several other motors based companies all have in common? Diminishing popularity, fans, and customers! but why? Well, because hot rodding V8's and V twins really isn't what the last 3 generations have been brought up on so its really not that relatable so its just motorsport entertainment to a degree. The reality is that Camaro's, Mustangs, and V8s have been a niche market for years now and the fan base of those cars is between 50-75 years old (baby boomers and children of baby boomers). So NASCAR has turned their sport into whatever they think their attention deficient fans want while trying to focus in on every possible consumer market with diversity and relatable drivers, among a dozen other things. I've been saying it for years; what happens to the sport when none of the cars on the track actually relate (not even remotely) to the cars that people drive anymore? Its fair to say that the win on Sunday, sell on Monday model that so much of drag racing was based on has long since disappeared. Furthermore, to say that the sport hasn't followed the trends in the automotive world over the last 25 years would be an understatement. Change really needs to occur soon because you have Tesla's sedans pulling 10.3 quarter miles now (bone stock) which is wiping pretty smokes any hot roder that shops from a Jeg's or Summit catalog off the track/street. Yes, a Tesla sedan is faster than any Camaro, Mustang or Corvette ever made and that has the attention of alot of younger people who share in interest with the past in speed, but not with eardrum shattering ferocity. Bottom line, i'm a fan of Harley, NASCAR and NHRA but its time to pivot to survive, you've had a good run of baby boomers and Gen X'ers but your loosing anyone born in the 90's or later.

  7. The problem with the circus shows like nascar and nhra is too many rules that only favor the high dollar teams. The reason why things like RVW, so:npk, world cup and small races are gaining the traction is the little guy and the top spenders can for the most part compete on the same level.

    Just look at the nhra pro-stock cars. There's nothing stock about them. The pro-stock pony cars are promods with nothing to do with stock cars you buy from the dealership and same could be said for the stock cars that nascar uses.

  8. Just one small point as to why the NHRA is in decline is index class racing. Let’s use the 9.90 class as an example. A spectator sees two 7 second cars who come off the line in a full power launch, then both engines quit for exactly a computer calculated 2 seconds then roar back to life and the computer equipped cars run almost exactly 9.90 seconds. This is not racing, it is a clown show! Then the stupidity of 4 wide racing. Who can watch four cars race for 3.7 seconds and focus on the race? Make no mistake, 4 wide racing reduces the NHRA to the level of the WWE. Let me now rant on Pro Stock Motorcycle. Harley Davidson motorcycles are NOT drag bikes, but Suzuki’s are. I know, as I race a Suzuki at my local track in NJ. you NEVER see an H-D motorcycle in the staging lanes on any given day. But Harleys are the people’s motorcycle so they must win! And H-D gives a ton of money to the NHRA and, naturally expect to win. They get to have a 53 cubic inch bigger engine than the Suzukis, plus more corrupt rules that assure that anyone riding a Suzuki will lose and Harley products will win. And then there is the issue with cookie cutter cars. They all look alike and in Pro Stock , only GM products are in the lineup. ProbStock is another clown show as the cars are only about 2/3 the size of car they supposedly are. I have been involved in drag racing since 1963, but have totally lost interest in watching the professional cars run on TV.

  9. Its too late. Another one here who disengaged when the NHRA started playing the public relations and political correctness with the elimination of the 1/4 mile. I stopped watching all together several years ago.

  10. As a PhD engineering consultant involved in various racing venues (IndyCar, F1 and a few others, including a brief spell with NHRA itself), it's hard not to agree with a lot of what's been said below. The top levels of drag racing have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to anybody. I took my wife to the U.S. Nationals this year because she wanted to see a T/F dragster in action. She watched two runs and said "Is that all there is?" and she's been around other forms of racing for decades. Those of us who have been around for a while (I'm 79) remember when it was possible to show up with something you put together and race it. No, we didn't expect to compete with people like George Montgomery, Don Prodhomme, etc., because we realized that they had more smarts than us and that they devoted their lives to it while we were only weekend warriors. But now? Look at T/F & F/C. Of what relevance is an engine that can only last for ten seconds or so before it grenades? What does making it last those 10 seconds prove, and how does it connect to the other 99.99% of car people? Clearly, a lot of the abject failure of NHRA has to do with money and politics. File a Freedom of Information request and see how much the bigwigs in NHRA are paid and prepare to use some smelling salts after you find out. But there's much, much more money in F1 and even though it has some technologies that Joe Citizen can relate to (hybrid engines, albeit very exotic hybrid engines, etc.), it's dying too. Lewis Hamilton? My cat could probably with an F1 race with a Mercedes engine/car. I don't know the answer, but it seems clear that drag racing must make some very drastic changes or just die. There are extra-racing forces at work (noise pollution, fan safety, global warming, resource allocation and others) working against a lot of what racing is about, not just drag racing. NHRA must adjust or die, just like all the rest. Finally, if you want to see what real racing of the old time style really is, take some time during the third week of August next year and visit the Bonneville National Speed Trials!

  11. I used to love the manufacturer & body style diversity in both pro stock and pro mod. Somewhere in the mid to late 2k decade the cars had a dramatic transformation in appearance to the late model body styles. Bodies that for all intensive purposes, that were supposed to be aerodynamically superior to older stuff. Yet the sanctioning bodies that be allowed the manufacturers to get involved in submitting the actual bodies to be raced. Those looking for aerodynamic advantages to be gained over other manufacturers natural design advantages, hence today's totally unrecognizable "Chevy Camaro Pro Stock" class.
    Also for pro stock's demise was the lack of parity or foresight in the sanctioning bodies, to see the advantages of opening the rules a bit or handicap those with the advantage, to allow the manufacturers at a slight disadvantage, to remain competitive for a short time while development in heads and blocks went on.
    Now I know there are some out there that will say that that would put the others at a slight disadvantage. But look at it this way. Mopar and Ford were both trying to develop new parts that, the NHRA in particularly would not approve. Instead of holding their own private dyno sessions run by the pro stock officials, who by the way, are supposed to know and understand the class, to determine what those parts would actually do to the performance of those manufacturers pieces, they just said nope you can't do that. After being denied enough times they simply pulled out, taking funding to racers and events with them.
    What the NHRA SHOULD HAVE DONE, was levy weight breaks or penalties in the form of rpm restrictions, gear ratios, carburetor size,compression,etc..to even things out. This includes bringing the bodies back to a stock in appearance style. Allow the slight wheel base modifications and front overhang, but take away the drastic overall body deformation that has occurred.
    Now for Pro Mod I think that there should be weight breaks or weight added to the the different body styles and engine combinations as there is already, to promote more diversity. Aswell as the motor combination weights that are presently in place.

  12. The most popular Motorsport. It has to happen. Think of how much each event costs the insurance alone must be millions.

  13. NHRA needs to follow suit as what the IHRA did with their outlaw classes, run what you brung brother but you better brung enough and let the big dogs eat. That's what people want to see is me bringing my souped up Ford pinto and out running John Force and making him talk to himself at the finish line on camera. That's what we want to see, not a bunch of cookie cutter cars battling it out over a .010 of a second. And what's this 8th mile BS. It's quarter mile drag racing for a reason. The rule makers need to take a break goddamn

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