Street Outlaws No Prep King Megalodon Quick 8 |Sketchy's Garage

We have a quick chat with NPK Brent Austin.

#Sketchy’s Garage


  1. Damn man you got some of the realest videos out there I like the way you work you got some good footage on your Channel glad I'm subscribed to your channel I'm going to be one of your soldiers LOL good work

  2. Megalodon quit being a vagina get over your little feelings and get back to the race track with everybody else you have one of the fastest cars in the world. OK that was me being selfish wanting to see you race. 🇺🇸

  3. This is one good guy. He is a neighbor of mine, and, when I pulled in the drive way, he stopped what he was doing, and, talked to me like he had known me all his life. Great Guy

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