Street Outlaws Doc's Procharged Monte Carlo!!

In this video we caught up with doc to chat about his daily driver which is a procharged monte carlo. He entered the car in the daily driver class and the car is one hundred percent streetable. The daily driver class was filled with many fast cars and the car was recently done so it would be an uphill battle being untested. This is one of the first sightings of Doc’s new daily driver as he had been updating the progress of the car on his facebook account. The car hooks hard off the line and looks to be not your typical monte carlo from the factory. Eitherway, doc did the thirty mile cruise and took on some of the nation’s fastest daily drivers at thunder valley in noble, oklahoma. How did doc go ? How well did he do? Watch the video and see for yourselves. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. In real life Doc is one of the most humble down-to-earth guys you could ever meet. Keep up the good work Doc. Also Doc has a great family that stands by him a great Business that he runs. You can’t win at everything. But I’m glad you are still at it .

  2. Just a REALLy random question. Has anybody actually saw Barefoot Ronnie Pace win a race . I'm talking street or track. Because I've never seen him win. Hell I heard he just got beat by Farley's mustang and he hasn't raced it 4yrs.

  3. I cannot believe they let all those people standing around that starting line. if he accidentally put that thing in reverse or got out of shape somebody would get killed. I see that shit going on at these drag strips all the time. back in the day they wouldn't even let a person in the staging Lanes. Unless you were connected with the car. Unbelievable

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