JEFF LUTZ New GTO Making Passes with FIREBALL Camaro and Death Trap – Street Outlaws No Prep Kings

Street Outlaws stars, Ryan Martin (Fireball Camaro), Chuck Seitsinger (Death Trap Mustang) and Jeff Lutz in his BRAND NEW GTO no prep car make some killer passes at Crossville Dragway. Murder Nova (@187 Customs) was supposed to make passes as well, but killed the motor at a previous appearance. These guys have been laying down crazy fast passes at Street Outlaw No Prep Kings races across the country, so it was awesome to have them visit our local track in Crossville, Tennessee. In this video, you’ll see Jeff Lutz make two passes in his new No Prep GTO, along with a clean A to B pass by Ryan Martin, and a sketchy pass from Chuck in the Death Trap Mustang in a grudge race against a drag bike.

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Shot with a Nikon D7100 DSLR:
18-200mm Lens:

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  1. These no prep drag racer members of the 405 and others have old school history but realize that speed is equated with aerodynamics and are using sleek bodies to get to the top of the list? I like Doc but that heavy weight bread box the Monty Carlo will be next to go?

  2. Kinda awesome watching this video knowing I was there in person lol I have some good videos and pictures from the GTO and camaro from this event! Crossville Tennessee dragway, I live about 10 minutes from it. They have quite a few big events like this every year!

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