Pro Mod at World Doorslammer Nationals Friday Night Qualifying

Some of the baddest NHRA Pro Mod doorcars came out to make the 1st ever Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals! This video gives you highlights from the pro modified Friday night qualifying session. Enjoy drag racing fan!

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  1. wow you guys took like a million videos if this race, it seems like almost every day it's a new video from World doorslammer Nationals…… Mike Tyson I'm just ecstatic to see Promods or any fast class racing 1/4mile…..I really hope this can ignite some 1/4mile league outside of NHRA National event competition even if it's only like a 8 to 10 races a year…DEFINITELY need some ALL 1/4mile Promodified, Prostock, Mountain motor Prostock & Topsportsman events throughout the year to add to the NHRA National events which only come to most regions once a year.

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