CARL BRUNET FIRST 4 Cylinder NEW WORLD RECORD 5.951 @ 230.80 MPH Orlando Speed World Dragway!!!

!! Video Carl Brunet 5.951 @ 230.80 MPH NEW WORLD RECORD 4 Cylinder y el primero en la historia en los 5 Segundos!! Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals en Orlando Speed World Dragway !!

.92 en los 60′
2.548 en los 330′
3.861 @ 188 MPH 1/8
4.991 1,000 ft

Cobertura by:
XRE Xtreme Racing Engines
FuelTech USA
Revolution Turbo
Schaeffers Racing Oil

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  1. OMG wow Grats guys….and please dont forget Nicolas ..Carl brother he is the Brain behind this..countless hours picking is brain in the garage!!! Bravo et encore Bravo les gars…Quebec Frenchies on Top!!

  2. Wowwwww… 4 cylinder! This car achieved the same level as the 2JZ with a V6 engine and a stoker. Congratulation! Where are the 2JZ billet? Humilde 🤔?

  3. Congrulation to Brunet team, and Chevy for the ECOtec 😉 Merci les freres Brunet de nous faire tripper comme ca ,vous etes les meilleurs au monde,rien de moins

  4. THIS TEAM has been busting their butts for years to get this record . ALL the hard work, trial and error has become the first 4 cyl. to run 5seconds.. Ohh and dont forget about that .92 60 ft. 🙆🙈🙉🙊👀

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