Big Chiefs New Car for No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 19

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  1. You aren't an idiot Sim because Axman did start out with a 62-63 Nova and now he just Debuted his new car which is the 64-67 body style like Ziptie and Heaffer on MSO

  2. SIM I really think they should start showing time slips for the fans , I understand the grudge racing but its transitioning into a class with all these rules so it would be better for the fans to see how fast they really all , its makes no difference they all go down the track no matter what and anyone can win at any time , it's a fan based event, it would become even bigger once the world see's just how fast their favorite driver really is

  3. If the procharger is the top setup then why are all three champions twin turbo cars also cheif seems to be a master of changing setup on his car and tuning it for the conditions he's racing on the fly

  4. What would be koooo or a GREAT show to make if big Chief and Shawn Murder Nova, get together at 187 customs and they work together to make Big Chief a new car, like they for the Crow!!!!!

  5. I think Big Chief would run a twin turbo Pontiac. Remember he won Colorado no prep Kings with a twin turbo Pontiac. Chief can make that combination run like no one else can. I would love to see him go with a butler aluminum block and more cubic inches.

  6. Chief has Joe Brown, a LeMans he bought a while back intending to build into a race car, but he found the latest Crow. It may be time to cut that car up, but I'd like to see him come out with a Firebird or Trans Am. As for power, I would think he'd stick with the turbos, but he's about winning, so a Pro Charged engine might be in the works.

  7. Just something to think about. The current engine block he (Chief) is using I believe comes from Butler performance. His heads are Edlebrock/Butler Performance items. The Butler Performance block can accommodate strokes capable of exceeding 570 cubic inches. Hmmm. Just thinking, Chief does like his Pontiacs.

  8. What's up ur videos would b so much better if u like showed pic of the cars ur talkin about or some racing as ur talking nobody wants 2 see ur rosy red cheeks jus blabbering away it's weird good info tho

  9. Big Chief will drop a 811 cubic inch Hemi into the Crow with a F1-R Pro charger hanging off it. Remember, you read it here first. Lmao. 😉

    Edit: ^^^ This was a joke btw.

    Even JJ has gone the pro charger route with Ol' Heavy and he's as old skool as it gets. That surprised me tbh.

    Thanks for the comment shout out too Sim! I don't miss an episode! Keep the great content coming. Much respect from across the pond!! 🇬🇧

  10. SIM another great job,talking about rumors & he said she said bullshit.all these people put their info out there. just do some damn of now he is not building a new car nor is he considering it.he did say he was stubborn but not stupid.when he's beat and he knows he is beat he will make changes for more power and that would be the pro line version of the hemi (and proline builds that engine for procharger application) then he smiled huge and said I'm not close to being beat yet

  11. I personally think Scott Taylor has the fastest hemi procharged car hands down. Yeah axeman is fast but near as constant as Scott. He has gotten faster every year. I think he will be the man to beat.

  12. In My opinion…i think Justin(big chief) should put the CROMOD together for no prep kings. That Pontiac is the car that put him back on the streets racing since his nasty wreck. Even tho he was scared to drive that rocket in the beginning he still got that passion back and sent that bish Rollin. I really hope he fires up the CROMOD. He also beat Cry Kelly in the cromod. Am I right? Or am I right? Hit the likes if you all agree!!

  13. Obviously there will always be an arguement about which of 3 power adders are better. And the rules do make a big difference on combos and nose weight etc. But anybody who is actually knowledgeable about this level of racing knows that all the small things make a huge difference in how the car performs but no matter what adder you have it boils down to who is setting up the chassis and who is on the lap top.

  14. Chief has always been the guy who will spank your ass with half of what you have and rub it in your face. For him it’s always been about making it weird on the rich guys. But the way I see it until he is having to turn the combo he has, all the way up, it just don’t make sense to change. Especially because of the rules.

  15. I think Chief will pop up with a new car. He’s different than everyone, anyone who knows him knows he would be the one to show up with a new car that nobody knew anything about. This is weird to say but if he don’t have a new car this year he’s going to get left behind just because Ryan, Lutz, the new Murder Nova and Kye’s new cars are going to be bad ass. Chief needs to catch up as weird as it is to say that

  16. Twins are the only setup for 1/8th mile small cu big boost they make 3000 + hp on twin 98s cant use half that blown pro charge or nitrous cant hang look at the track record

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