Venenum 2JZ POWER 5.67 @ 261 MPH Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals Orlando SpeedVWorld!!

! GRS Video ! Saturday 7 March @ Orlando Speed World ! Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals en Orlando Speed World Dragway !!

Pase de Exhibicion:
Venenum – 5.67 @ 261 MPH

Video By: FuelTech USA, Revolution Turbo, Xtreme Racing Engines & Schaeffer’s Oil

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  1. what a run. Monster drift at the start. btw. was this the event, where Team Brunet crushed the 4-cyl WR with 6.004? And can we see the run of Team Brunet? Great Work Guys. Keep it up

  2. I have been around, and competed in, NHRA, IHRA, and AHRA organized drag racing since 1968. That is a driver, and a fast car! I saw this car run a 5.55 at MIR, in another video. He had to correct that run, and still ran a 5.67! I don't care what it is, or who built it, that is FAST!!! Technology at it's best.

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