Street Outlaws BoostedGT vs Orange Crush at Winter Meltdown No Prep!!

Varni is the driver of the orange crush turbo mustang. He has been working on this turbo mustang for many years trying to compete with the elite of small tire no prep racing. He had struggled but now is at a different place. He is making waves in the small tire no prep scene. He entered the small tire class at the winter meltdown noprep in san Antonio texas. See how well he did as the thrill of victory takes over . For more winter meltdown no prep follow our social medias at:


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  1. BoostedGT
    I am a big fan of Boosted GT. I wish he would have stuck with his original theme. Now he should be called Boosted Cobra right? Because the Boosted GT name got so big and popular he should take the cobra emblems off and put GT on it. Airbrush a super cool looking "GT" on fenders and on grill a custom CNC machined "Boosted" emblem. Embrace the name and market it as the big name street racer that he is. Also…. Go back to yellow!

  2. I want to see the rematch when Boosted gets that car dialed in. He's faster. He treed the fuck out of crush.
    But in true Boosted fashion he puts all the power down and drives the shit out of it!!

  3. I am so tired of seeing slow, weak, fox body stangs and then 9 out of 10 running chevy power. You win some you lose some and a W is a W. I will say Chris was out on him. I also fill he only won because Chris got loose as hell. It is all part of racing though.

  4. I keep seeing the same issues for Boosted GT. I think he needs more rear wing to get more traction down track. That car suffers from the same issues all the time. It isn't the driver, and I'm sure he has tried pulling power. It's a traction thing and the only solution is more rear wing! DO IT BOOSTED! ADD MORE REAR WING!

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