Street Outlaws Reaper at San Antonio Winter Meltdown No Prep!

Reaper brought out his procharged camaro to the winter meltdown no prep in san Antonio , Texas. He hadn’t tested the car all weekend and raced straight off the trailer at the event. Check out the video to see how well he did. He faced some fast competition like the killer cab, hired help new big tire car, and mike bankston’s nitrous pro camaro and more! For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. If anybody deserved some good luck it's Reaper he's had a run of bad luck for awhile now and I hope this is a new beginning because when that fucking car is hooking and going a to b it's one of the fastest fucking cars out there only fireball and megalodon are a little faster and that's fucking saying something! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

  2. I’ve always liked James, his cars can be very fast. His consistency is some times way off.
    Most of the time his ego is just blown way out of shape. Now I don’t get to see him run very often. So I really can’t say he usually doesn’t win or do well.
    If he would turn his arrogance back just a couple of notches. He would have a lot more fans.
    But here is when he’ll pop off & say “ I don’t care! “

  3. Sure would like to see reaper Street outlaws and Billy and Molly from the s r c street race channel battle it out at Lapeer Michigan new dragway 2020 spring lots of good racers out their fresh new track

  4. What's the 5th smaller pipe coming out with the zommies? And why doesn't he run a bellmouth or smooth inlet into the Procharger? If nothing else it would make the front end look more finished. Other than that this new car is badass.

  5. Ever since he put that combo in the original Reaper SS car it's been well and truly hauling ass!!!! About time he had some good fortune. Happy for him!!

    Merry xmas to one and all!! 🎄🤶

  6. Must have stopped making his own parts and starting buying them. Usually he'd be done broke first round with cranking his car up. Keep up the good work though reeper. Finally making a stance.👌👌👌

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