Wheelie Bar Stagger | Steering with Wheelie Bars | Coilovers & Wheelstands

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How to make Wheelie bar adjustments to launch straight and go straight to keep wheelstands under control. Critical to suspension tuning and to work together with coilover adjustments. Making wheelie bar adjustments or wheelie bar stagger to compensate for steering the car left or right for small corrections. These adjustments are critical if you car carries the front wheels any distance at all and your wheelie bar wheels are on the track. Of course, this is for dual wheel wheelie bars and not for a single wheel wheelie bar setup. Small changes make big differences and change one thing at a time. This video will clearly show which wheelie bar to adjust to steer the car for correction. A quarter inch (1/4″) stagger will make a difference so more is not always better here, go slow and see how your car reacts. Every car is different, but the same theories apply. If you get more than 1/2″ of stagger b/w the two heights, I would try to consider making some other changes, like preload or even rear steer. Even a shock stagger may help in small increments. Keeping a balance is key to not binding up the suspension.

This new build is a Blown SBC Gen1 Boosted – SBC 406 Dart SHP block with Callies crank, Callies rods, and custom Diamond Pistons with a 8-71 Roots Blower from The Blower Shop with helical rotors, ATI turbo 400 and 4-link coilover Ford 9 inch. Planning on starting with 22 lbs of boost on methanol with a FuelTech ECU and dual wideband O2 sensors.

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Samson Performance of Sams Frame and Alignment in North Charleston, SC.

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  1. Some quick facts on tuning your launch with wheelie bars. The top bar is the load bar, and that is what pushes up on the top of rear end housing to help unload that side in connection with your shocks/springs. The components all work together and need to be in balance with the pre-load and anti-roll bar. The frontend coilovers and amount of lift play a big role in the way a drag car launches! More to come on coilover adjustments in a video soon. Just remember the car will correct to the side of the wheel that is closer to the track at ride height and loaded to race. So if right passenger wheel is closer to the track the car will correct to the right and vice versa.

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