Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Ohio

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Ohio at the 7th race of the Season 3 of No Prep Kings filmed event.

This event was on the Friday before the big 40k race and it is pretty much a test and tune kind of race but this year on the Season 3 they are expecting the drivers to put together big money races on the night before. Lil Country and Golden Kong got together for a $5,000 race that night.

Here is a list of car’s/drivers that you will see in this video: Big Chief, Bobby Ducote, Lil Country, Vixen, Birdman, Kayla Morton, Kye Kelley, Dominator, Chuck Seitsinger, Mike Murillo, Chuck 55, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, Track Doe, B-Rad, Monza, BoostedGT, Larry Larson, Daddy Dave, and Brian “Chucky” Davis.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to see some more great Muscle Car videos click on this Playlist:


  1. Nice video Tom, that was a hard hit friday night that white Camaro….check out the other Norwalk video by " Topwatertony" I think he is new to shooting streetoutlaws videos but he did a KILLER job as well, some outstanding editing & he uses professional equipment….cant get enough good dragracing content.👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Hola como estas? Te quería preguntar si cuando corren estos pilotos en estos eventos, si se transmiten en vivo en algún sitio web donde suscribirme o si se transmiten en televisión ahí si se puede ver en directo, .. Yo soy de Argentina y soy un fans de ellos, .. Espero tu respuesta, un abrazo grande!

  3. Great job on the video my friend , but I do have to say sitting here watching the first episode of no-prep I can tell that it's going to be nothing but drama just like what happened to the 405 out law show , time will tell

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of no prep only because of the crashes. I would be absolutely devastated if I crashed my car and I only have thousands instead of hundreds of thousands in it like these guys do. The videos quality is incredible though, thanks for posting.

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