Street Outlaws Reaper SS Camaro is Back at Colorado No Prep Kings

Reaper brought out the reaper ss camaro to the Colorado no prep kings race. The look was looking great until ran into some trouble but he was a beast in the outlaw big tire class which he entered. The Outlaw Big Tire class is a class that is a run what you brung class. That means there are no rules in the class other than a big tire class. For more no prep racing we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. Sucks that his car wouldn't fire under tower when him and Kye were up to run. Kye gave him as much time as possible to get it fixed. Kye should get major respect for that because most wouldn't have waited at all.

  2. I love James but he's got to work on his reaction times hell he's spotting every car at least a car length on him and has to run them down. That race with Cody he would have won if he had left at the same time!

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