Lizzy Musi makes her first visit ever to race at RT66 Joliet. Along with b/f Kye Kelly they are here to compete in season 3 of the ’19 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Event. Lizzy missed the event last year as she was away racing at a PDRA event so she was excited to be back as she remembers coming here as a youngster with her father Pat Musi. Lizzy has been on fire lately in the no prep kings winning 3 events in a row and looking forward to adding another title. She started off well beating Jerry Bird and Disco Dean Karns and looked to have the Aftershock Camaro running awesome. In the main $40k Invitational she came up against Eric Bain’s turbo camaro Boosted Ego who had problems leaking fluid after his initial burnout. The crew didn’t seem to have it pinpointed as it continued to leak as the track mopped away. The starter motioned for Lizzy to go as quite some time had passed and it didn’t look like the leak had been fixed. Controversy arose as the Boosted Ego team felt they were not given appropriate time to remedy the situation. Later on after discussion it was decided Lizzy’s win was null and void and a re- race was called. Both drivers played a duel game in the rematch refusing to light the second bulb. Finally they staged and Boosted Ego came around Lizzy at the finish line to nab the upset and win and ending Lizzy’s chance for another try at a title. Was this fair? You decide and leave your opinion. August 9-10-19 RT66 Joliet, Ill. #lizzymusi #noprepkings #streetoutlaws


  1. I think we should see more of lizzy on street outlaws. She is literally the only reason i have been watching the no prep crap going on right now. She's fast and hot as hell!

  2. That's bs she should have gotten that win! I quit watching that episode after they did that. All those guys got it out for her bad! Like her daddy said its easier to beat someone when u get 2 chances!

  3. Screw BOOSTED EGO! Plenty of time given. Not to mention he was a safety issue. Sore losers always want a second chance. That is RACING. Lizzy kicked A$$! Good job.

  4. bad call………she just did what the starter told her, and won. other dude wasn't ready, that was obvious. why should she have to beat him a second time? Plus shes HOT.

  5. If you break down in staging, it's over. You dont get a do-over, your race is not postponed….its over. This result is what happens when you are racing for fake staged reality shows, not by rules. She should have refused the 2nd race.

  6. Boosted Ego was broken. Period. Win should have auto gone to Lizzy. Crap leaking all over the track is wrong.

  7. They should've backout if their shit wasn't ready!!! She waited way to long!! There should be a time limit for once you pull up to go and if you can't fall back bruh


  9. It's also no fair to make your opponent sit there at the tree while you work on your car…meanwhile the guys car overheats and loses half its power to heat soak. He may have had an issue but you fix that crap in the garage not the starting line. These high HP monsters don't like sitting there for too long before they overheat!!

  10. Every magazine i have with a artical with liz musi in it the pages are stuck together but i dont remember glueing them..weird

  11. People listen to what was said, they said they did not give him the time he had to fix it. In other words if they give you 5 minutes to fix it and they let her leave the line in 3 minutes then they did not wait long enough. He more than likely could not had it fixed in time but leaving to quick cost them the race. Kye and lizzi will always try to burn you down on the line. What the problem anyway they have all kind of sponsors and her dad is a race motor builder where a lot of the other one has to pay out of their own pockets. I been to a no prep race and I tried to talk to Kye Kelley I was 2 feet from him he is so stuck up and will not talk to you he is pathetic. Asked about a autograph and all he could do is point at he souvenir trailer. I will never buy anything from him. Even on is own show when he lost to Scott Taylor he would not pay him the 40,000 bet he had made. He won’t even pay his bets when he loses.

  12. I think he needed a second chances and he got it because she didn’t have him enough time to fix the problem. They do have an amount of time that when one of the drivers have a problem the other driver has to give him certain amount of time

  13. bull crap, Lizzy should have not had to re-race, and I can't stand Pat, Lizzy seems cool, hated her dad back in the day, pure ARSE.

  14. Come on…. What did he want a half hour on the line…. That shit don't work like … And that's my home town track…. It was us 30 but they closed 🔐 him down…. How i miss that place grow up there with the family and friends… She won but that's what you call good sports fan cuz she did not have to one's they call u to the line it's over u got 7 second 🥈

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