On the strength of one incredible performance after another on Saturday, Carl Stevens Jr. came up victorious at the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod presented by One Cure and J&A Service at Bandimere Speedway, knocking off Danny Rowe in a thrilling final round to be crowned champion and earn the $100,000 payday.

Stevens went a blistering 5.856 at 246.26 mph in his turbocharged ’69 Camaro to best Rowe’s 5.949 at 242.54, claiming the quickest run in the two-year history of the World Series of Pro Mod in the process. It set off a memorable celebration for the North Haledon, N.J., native and his team, soaking in what it meant to win the biggest and richest Pro Mod drag race in the history of the known universe.

“This is easily the biggest event win we’ve ever had,” Stevens Jr. said. “Being on the biggest stage for Pro Mod and getting the win, it’s just incredible. That’s really what it’s all about. The money certainly doesn’t hurt, obviously, but on this grand stage that we’ve been given, in my opinion there’s nothing bigger.”

Stevens also shared the winner’s circle celebration with his father, Carl Stevens Sr., which added to the magnitude of the moment for the Pro Mod standout, but he put together five impressive wins in eliminations to get there.


  1. Suggestion: I don't know why this isn't TOTALLY obvious, but don't post the graphic announcing the winners before the end of the race. That really kills the thrill of watching good racing…

  2. A turbo charger is a altitude compensator !! They seem to spool better and move more air when it’s thinner so they don’t fall off with altitude like a roots or screw blower does.

  3. What are the rules for that deal ? It’s not nhra legal or is it? Promod is here to stay and I hope it gets rid of all the snobs in pro stock . I like To see Stevie and Erica line up. She is a straight bad ass behind the wheel .

  4. Love the commentary of Al Tucci every since from back in the day of the Pro street revolution with names like, Mike Moran, Bruce kimmen, Pat Musi, Tony Christian, Randy Adler, Rick Dyer, Spiro Pappas, Stan Shaw, Dan Scott and more. I,ve been to a host of these races where these guys were there and Al Tucci's over the top style made for an awesome event.

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