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You’ll have to search high and low, and everything in between to find the results for V/Stock Automatic class eliminations from the NHRA U.S. Nationals. But, this reality of obscurity does little to deter those who chose to do battle in this arena. It’s not nitro, it’s better.


  1. My Dad raced one of those early carburetted 2.3L turbo 4 cylinders for a while. You could make really good power with them, but they were very touchy. He wasn't racing in Stock Eliminator, so there were no engine modification constraints. I think he ended up running low 12's if I recall correctly.

  2. I love stock eliminator, no matter what class, no matter what car or truck or mini van, it’s all awesome! People can say what they want, 15.2 is pretty impressive for a car that heavy with a V6. 👍🏻

  3. Honestly…I could never see another Pro class race in my life and be perfectly happy. I can't say that about Stock Eliminator. I could watch these folks race all day and NEVER get bored. Awesome cars, awesome people, and LOT'S of fun going on.

  4. Love Stock Eliminator! It's perfecting what you have to work with, from bumper to bumper. Fast is relative, and these cars ARE fast.

  5. I was a big drag racing fan a long time ago. To tell the truth, watching the pro guys was getting boring. Yes, they are fast but when only a few thousandth of a second separates them, well, it gets boring. The stock classes are where the average guy can identify with the cars.

  6. I remember wheel city, the McCormack s black mercury comet , and the white stick comet. Beautiful competitive cars . Wonder what became of those cars.

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